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Title: 從郭店儒簡檢視文王之人君典型
Examining the Model Monarch about Chou-wen Monarch--Focus in Guodian Confucian Slips
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2005
Publisher: 國立中山大學中國文學系
Abstract: 郭店一號楚墓之墓主雖然不能被證實為東宮太子之師,然而墓中所藏儒簡,確實蘊藏豐富之政治思想,因而可以作為探究早期儒家政治思想之重要資料。該批儒簡中,一致出現重責人君以德義之現象,且在〈緇衣〉、〈五行〉、〈成之聞之〉三篇之中,共計五處明白稱引《詩》、《書》之說以標榜文王之人君典型,與傳統所言儒舉學說所標榜的政治典型如出一轍,因而值得探討二者之關係。簡文甚且又以五行之和稱許文王,於是本文即從仁、義、禮、智、聖的五行之德角度,結合文獻資料以檢視文王之人君典型。 本文之進行,首先述說為文之緣由、目的與論述順序;其次,由於「聖」具有統領其他四行之作用,因而再行論述體道承命之聖;再其次,則依循仁、義、禮、智之順序,依次從親親愛民之仁、敬君任賢之義、居位盡職之禮以及屈伸有節之智,一一檢證文王對於五行之德的實踐;最後,則總結文王成為儒家人君典型之意義。
Even through the owner of No.1 Guodian Chu grave could not be proved as teacher of prince, yet those slips included ancient Confucian political concept so much and deserved to be studied hard. Those Confucian slips emphasized that monarch should be moral and just in many articles. Chou-Wen monarch was thought as model monarch in text of ‘Zhiyi (緇衣)’, ‘Wuxing(五行)’, ‘Tszhiweuzhi (成之聞之)’, “Tze(詩)” and “Tzesau (書)”. Those Confucian slips much praised Chou-Wen monarch had fulfilled five virtues. Linking the ancient text and Guodian Confucian slips, this article wants to examine the virutes such as ‘sanctity’, ‘kindness’, ‘justice’, ‘courtesy’ and ‘wisdom’ how to fulfill in Chou-Wen’s empire. First, make a simple preface to express the motives, purpose and discussing sequence. Second, examining the sanctity how to reflect the order of Heaven. Third, examining the kindness how to take care for people. Fourth, examining the justice how to respect emperor and employ able person. Fifth, examining the courtesy how to keep one’s duty. Sixth, examining the wisdom how to advance and retreat. Seventh, make a conclusion.
ISSN: 1728-7138
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