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Title: 評點學之筆法研究---從呂祖謙到金聖歎
A Study of the Method of Article Writing of the Critique Punctuates Knowledge of Ancient Books--- From Lu Zu-Qian to Jin Sheng-Tan
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 從南宋的呂祖謙到明朝末年清朝初年的金聖歎,是評點學發展的重要階段。這時 期理學思想盛行,實施科舉制度,同時印刷出版業方興未艾。在眾多因素影響下,原 本為舉子設計的古文的評點,轉向為小說、戲曲、詩詞的評點,尤以小說評點為大宗; 當代許多文人也紛紛從事細讀文本的工作,提出各種筆法,吸引讀者來閱讀。發展到 金聖歎時,已經是集大成。本計畫擬立足於上述三個面向,也就是結合作者、讀者、 社會的三個角度,討論評點學的興盛緣由,說明古文評點與小說評點較適合講求筆法 的原因,藉此闡明各種筆法被提出來的重要性。其次,檢驗評點家細讀文本的批評觀 點,辨明各種筆法的定義、適用的例證、適用的範圍,以及討論各種筆法作為一種文 學批評原則有何實際效用的問題。期盼經由宏觀的視野,進入微觀的細讀文本的批評 與討論,將各種筆法系統化的整理出來,建立起評點學的架構及其知識譜系。
From Lu, Tsu-ch'ien in Southern Song Dynasty to Jin Sheng-Tan in late Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty, this period is an important stage of the development of the studies on annotation and comment. In this period, Neo-Confucianism is prosperous, and the imperial examination system is implemented, meanwhile, the press and publication industry is flourishing as well. Affected by these factors, the annotation and comment of ancient prose, which is designed for imperial examinees, has turned to the annotation and comment of novel, drama and poetry. Especially the annotation and comment of novel takes the majority. Many contemporary scholars also engage in text close reading and present various writing styles to attract readers. Until the period of Jin Sheng-Tan, the development of the studies and works on the annotation and comment has become an agglomeration. Based on three dimensions mentioned above, combining three angles of author, reader, and society, first this project attempts to discuss the reason why the studies on annotation and comment become so prosperous, and address the importance of various writing style presented. Second, the project would examine the critical viewpoint of close reading by annotationist, clarify the definition, suitable examples and range of various writing styles, and discuss the question of practical effects in writing styles as the principle of literary criticism. Through the macroscopic vision to the critique and discussion of microscopic close reading, the project will organize various writing styles systemically, and build the construction and knowledge genealogy of the studies on the annotation and punctuation.
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