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Title: 陳衍《石遺室論文》研究
A Study of Chen Yan's "Shi-Yi-Shi Lun Wen"
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 陳衍是清末民初的重要的詩古文辭創作者兼文學評論家。國內圖書館收藏有《石 遺先生集》三十卷、《石遺室詩話》三十二卷,然而始終不見陳衍《石遺室論文》一書。 此書著於民國二十五年,為無錫國學專修學校刊本,早已享譽士林,被多處引用。而 今見載於陳步編:《陳石遺集》,由福州市福建人民出版社出版。凡五卷,八十三頁, 近六萬字。卷一論「上古至周秦」,卷二論「兩漢」,卷三論「三國六朝」,卷四論「唐」, 卷五論「宋」。迄今為止,尚無以《石遺室論文》為論題進行陳衍古文觀念的討論。 本計畫擬完成《石遺室論文》之閱讀、整理、歸納、分類工作,確定陳衍的古文批評 觀念,而後提出其原理論、源流論、方法論、風格論、鑑賞論等綱目,希望能集中類 似觀點,看出陳衍側重點所在,提出陳衍古文批評的分析模式,供學者參考。
Chen Yan is an important author and critic of ancient poetry and prose of the last years of Qing Dynasty. In our country library, we can find the 「Shi-yi xian sheng ji」and 「Shi-yi-shi shi hua 」, but we can』t find the 「Shi-yi-shi lun wen」a long time. This book was finished at 1936 and printed by wu-xi vocational school of Chinese science, also it is a famous writings because it had been quoted by many readers. Today, we can find the book from 「Chen Shi-yi ji」which was arranged by Chen Bu and published by fu-jian people』s publishing house. It』s include five volumes, eighty three pages, nearly sixty thousands words. The first volume discuss from the antiquity to Zhou Dynasty and Qin Dynasty. The second volume discuss the two Dynasty of Han. The third volume discuss the Three country and Six Dynasty. The fourth volume discuss the Tang Dynasty. The fifth volume discuss the Song Dynasty. Up to now, nobody was discussed the criticism of the Chen Yan』s ancient prose by this book. And I hope read, get together, include, and sort out this book to confirmed in Chen Yan』s concept. And I will get together his similar ideas and sort out it with some theories. When I bring up the conclusions, it will be rendered great service to the academic circles.
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