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Title: 宋文話之校注研究
Revise and Research on Wen-Huah(Criticisms of Classic Proses) of the Song Dynasty
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 2002
Abstract: 本研究計畫以「宋代文話」為研究範圍,進行校注整理之分析工作,完成《宋文話》之 點校討論,供作宋代散文批評之研究參考。由於宋代首開文話風氣之先,文話又應運而生於 唐宋古文全盛時期之後,許多文獻涉及唐宋古文創作方面的討論,故本研究計畫之目的在於: 討論宋代文話的板本,提供學者完整且明確的研究資料,探討宋人的散文創作觀念、散文體 裁規範、散文批評準則,而後再匯聚宋人相近的理念,看出一時代文學思想特色;亦可比對 各家論點之歧異,討論宋人散文批評觀念有無傳承演變之軌跡。綜合上述討論,嘗試建構出 評騭唐宋古文的參考機制。 實則,文話涉及諸多文學批評材料,碎玉零金,往往有其實用價值,深具啟發性。可惜 民國已還,文話之整理付諸闕如。若能詳加整理,將可提供大量研究材料,亦可加深對唐宋 古文成就的理解,供關心散文研究及文學批評研究者參考,對國內外學界大有助益。
This study is going to revise and analyze the criticisms of classic proses which named "Wen- Huah " of the Song Dynasty. It's advantageous for us to study more about Song's prose criticisms. Critics began to write "Wen- Huah " since the Song Dynasty. Because those works came behind the golden time of T'ang & Song's classic proses, they possessed multiple themes to be discussed. This study hopes to adjust orderly and definite material about the study of "Song Wen Huah". We could also discuss the skills of composing classic proses, the forms and the critical rules of Song's proses. Then we may point out the characteristics of Song literature while collecting the nearly thoughts of the Song's literary critics. Besides that, we'll compare with various points among the Song's prose critics in order to see their tradition and change. Finally, we'll try to set up a model to criticize Song's proses. We know that "Wen- Huah " is concerned into various literary criticisms. Through it is fragmentary, it has practical value to enlighten the study of prose criticisms. But it is so regret that few people notice "Wen- Huah " in modern times. If we adjust and research it deeply and wildly, we may get lots of advantages to study T'ang & Song's classic proses.
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