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Title: 柳宗元讀書觀與其散文創作關係之研究
A Study of the Relationship between Zong-Yuan Liu's Ideology of Reading and His Prose Producing
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2002
Abstract: 中唐時期提倡復興古道的柳宗元,思想根源源自儒家學說,其思想亦影響至其散文創作。然而,柳宗元對古書的關注焦點,乃至如何取用古書從事其散文創作?這方面的探索,仍有待努力。本文依據柳宗元<答韋中立論師道書>「取道之原」、「旁推交通而以為之文」的說法為基礎,探討其閱讀古書之心得,及其在散文創作歷程中如何運用古書。研究結果發現,柳宗元始終未悖離孔子思想。他追求一個「整體的個性品質」,建立此品質而後外發成文;但也不能忽略了各書自有其風格特性,於是兼容並蓄,成為柳宗元創作時必然要走的方向。柳宗元讀古書而作文的觀念,乃兼包內容意義與形式意義而言,他有時認定古書的內容,有時採取古書的形式;因此,「道」與「文」乃互相交通著。如何採取傳統古籍經典以從事創作,這是柳宗元終身全力以赴的目標。
In the middle period of Tang Dynasty, Zong-Yuan Liu advocated the renaissance of old Ways; his thought was originated from the philosophy of the Confucian and that influenced his prose very much. But he was concerned about the viewpoints of ancient books, even for his decision to use them in his prose. In this aspect, there still remained a lot to be discussed. In this article, according to the theory of "the origin of Dao" and "beating about the bush to take it to be literature" of Zong-Yuan Liu's 'replying to Chung-li Wei's discussion about the teacher's dignity', we studied what he learned from ancient books, and also we would know the propression of Zong-Yuan Liu's using ancient books in his prose. We found, Zong-Yuan Liu had never betrayed the Confucius's philosophy. He pursued a integral personality, which established the standard and made the prose. But we should not neglect that every book should have its own different characteristics, therefore, Zong-Yuan Liu could consider every aspects and that inevitably became the characteristics of his writings. Zong-Yuan Liu read the ancient books and wrote the prose, including the contextual and structural contents. Sometimes he digested the contextual contents in his prose, and sometimes the form of ancient books. For this reason, he found that 'Dao' and'literature' were mutual inference. How to adopt the spirit of traditional ancient books and the classics for his prose was his life-long goals, an he strived for all his life.
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