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Title: 歐陽脩《春秋》筆法之理解與應用
The Understanding and Application of Ou-Yang Xiu to “Techniques of Chun Qiu Writing”
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2007
Publisher: 國立臺北大學中國語文學系
Abstract: 北宋歐陽脩對《春秋》筆法的理解,自然會應用到他在史學與文學上的創作表現。本文透過歐陽脩對《春秋》筆法的理解過程,討論他將此一理解出來的論點,帶入創作表現上的問題。這包括三個方面:(1)他在撰寫史書時,採用褒善貶惡寫法,這是傳承自古代經學傳統的寫作方法;(2)他主張《春秋》經具備「簡古」的文章作法,這是歐陽脩自己創發的理解方式,也落實到他的史傳碑誌類文章;(3)藉史抒發議論,擷取《春秋》精神以提供當世勸戒。總之,他是位活化歷史的史學家。他對古籍的詮釋所建構出來的文本意義,成為他寫作史傳類文章的基礎。
The understanding of Bei Song’s Ou-Yang xiu to “Techniques of Chun Qiu Writing” is easy displayed in the history and literature. This article through the “Techniques of Chun Qiu Writing” understanding process of the Qu-yang xiu, we can discuss how did he use his views to enter his creations. It includes three aspects: (1) When he wrote histories, the historical methods of commend or reduce judgment are come from the ancient Chinese classics interpretation; (2) He believed Chun Qiu have simple and classic writings, that was a discovery by himself also put historical works into practice. (3) He provide admonish has selected from Chun Qiu at the time to wrote through a historical comment carefully. Finally, he was an activated historian. He put a text construction from the ancient classics become the base that he wrote historical works.
ISSN: 1993-1638
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