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Title: 「易」與柳宗元古文表現風格之關係析論
The Relation between "The Book of Changes" and the Literary Style of Liu Tsung-yuan's Classical Prose
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2002
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Abstract: 《易》對後世文學與美學思想的影響層面豐富而深遠。然而,當我們檢視柳宗元《易》學方面的見解,發覺他除了重視到經傳的內容解釋之外,更關心《易》的「辭令」功能,及其所呈現之文辭風格表現。 柳宗元〈答韋中立論師道書〉說:「本之《易》以求其動」(《柳集》卷三十四)。他對「動字的解釋,乃由《易》之「動而時中」生發而出,轉而成為人生出處進退的解釋。因此,《易》與柳宗元古文之關係,首在於創作古文時,如何擇定出處進退內容的思考。其次,柳宗元肯定《易》有「高壯廣厚,詞正而理備」的風格,遂能重視《易》的文學形式美。此外,《易》「立象以盡意」的表現方式,亦普遍出現在柳文字句間。故柳宗元古文實已深受《易傳》美學觀念的啓發,而又取其「動」的觀念之一端,有所轉換至文辭形式的討論,形成另一種特殊的文章表現風格。
《The Book of Changes》(herein referred to “The Book”) has influenced Chinese literature and aesthetics profoundly and extensively. Among those researches and studies, we found that Liu Tsung-yuan(773-819AD) had posed a different aspect. Not only had he put emphasis on the explanation of the content, as most of the scholars did, but also had he concerned about the rhetoric functions implied in The Book, which inspired his literary style intensely. In a letter reply to his friend, Liu stated that, “…I would base on 《The Book of Changes》to seek for action.” He explained the meaning of “action” as “to act properly and exactly”, implying his attitude to career planning. Such attitude applied to his content of writing and determined his literary style. This is the primary relation between The Book and Liu’s classical prose. Secondly, Liu Tsung-yuan appreciated The Book as it demonstrated “ an imposing and expansive” style; therefore, he particularly emphasized the literary aesthetics in The Book. Further, the style in The Book was apt to “create images to express meanings”, and Liu was also adept at such skill. We may say that Liu Tsung-Yuan was inspired by the aesthetics intimated in The Book. On the other hand, he applied the concept of “action” and translated it into a rhetoric form, developing a specific literary style.
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