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Title: 高中職夜校學生進出高風險場所之情形與其相關因素研究
Authors: 董巧玲
Chiao-Ling Tung
Szu-Hsien Lee
Issue Date: Mar-2013
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Abstract: 本研究的目的是探討高中職夜校學生進出高風險場所之情形與其相關因素研究。本研究採用班級為單位進行全國高中職夜校的隨機抽樣,共選出19個班,有757位同學同意參與問卷調查。本文使用的測量題項包括人口學資料(性別、父母親教育程度、家庭結構)、個人因素(自我能力感)、家庭因素(青少年自覺父母對子女的了解)、在校情形、偏差同儕與進出高風險場所。研究結果發現,男生出入高風險場所高於女生、青少年自覺父母親對子女的了解愈少,進出高風險場所的機會愈高。出入高風險場所者,他們對學校的看法以抱持著負面者居多。影響高中職學生進出高風險場所與青少年自覺父母親對子女的了解、在校情形及接觸偏差同儕上有顯著相關。青少年進出高風險場所的主要預測變項為接觸偏差同儕、在校情形、性別、家庭因素。本研究結果可提供學校在設計有關學生偏差行為與出入高風險場所之教材與學校措施之參考。
This study aims to investigate the frequency of students in evening high school go to highrisk places and associated factors. This study employed class as the unit of random se- lection based on nationwide registered evening school from Department of Education. A total of 19 classes were randomly selected and 757 students agreeed to fill in the questionnaire. The questionnaire consisted of demographics, individual factor (self-competence) , family factor (self-perceived parental understanding by the juvenile) , school performance, deviant peers and being in high risk places. The results of this study found that boys were more likely to be at high risk places than girls; The ittle understanding on the youth parents by the juvenile, the more chance the juvenile would go to high-risk places. The less parental knowledge and negative attitudes towards schools, students were more likely to be at high- risk places. Results from regression analysis showed that self-perceived parental understanding by the juvenile, school performance and deviant peers are significantly associated with being at high-risk places. The main predictors of young people go to high-risk places with deviant peers, school performance, gender, family factor.The study finding can provide evidence in designing curriculum and school regulations to prvent students go to high risk paces.
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