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Title: 海峽兩岸公藏焦循手稿、研究現況及其論著目錄
Official Archives in Taiwan and Mainland China: The Research Status and Catalogue of Chiao Hsun's Manuscripts and Literary Works
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2002
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Abstract: 本文為筆者執行國科會九十學年度專題研穹計書:「臺灣公藏焦循手稿整理研究」成果清單。大陸公藏焦循手稿多列為國家一級與二級文化,因散存各志,索閱不易;而申請複製,費用驚人,不能盡觀全貌,無法列入計畫。然為求刈相齊全,特搜羅兩岸焦循手稿(含批校、抄記等)公藏館地,並記錄研究現況,以備考核;而論著存佚與刊印知朏目錄,亦收集總彙,提供學者檢證與考釋。全文以臺灣、大陸圖書館為單元,並依叢書、經、史、子、集為次序,俾便查詢參考;同一手稿,不同寫本互見者,附帶說明,以備比較。焦盾手稿傾注其畢生學力,多為宋刊傳世者,墨潘斑斕,數量豐富;而其論著目錄,內容詳贍,並可觀摩其治學勤謹篤實風格,深具文獻與研究的價值。
This paper is the outcome of Academic Research Project 2001 funded by National Science Council(NSC). The project is entitled “Official Archives of Chiao Hsun’s Manuscripts in Taiwan”. A lot of aooicial libraried in Mainland China have also collected Chiao Hsun’s manuscripts, which are subject to Class I or II cultural products under governmental protection. When I undertook this project, I had tried to refer to those manuscripts archived in China. However, the application procedure for looking up and copying is time-consuming and costly. Owing to the limited jund, I was unable to include those manuscripts archived in China into my project. In order to keep the research to be comprehensive, I have listed those libraries that collect Chial Hsun’s any manuscripts and literary works(including comments and transcriptions) both in China and Taiwan. I also compile a catalogue, outlining the research status and the existing versions about Chiao Hsun’s literary works and related articles. I classify the catalogue based on the libraries located in Taiwan and China, and organize his works by series, classics, history, philosophy and literary. If there are different versions for the same manuscript, I also make notes. Chiao Hsun had devoted a lifetime study and he had completed plenty works. Most of his manuscripts had never been published. The catalogue contains a lot of useful information for readers to compare and make reference. Accordingly, one can appreciate his literary achievement and the paragon as a diligent scholar.
ISSN: 1019-6706
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_B0109_01_026
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