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Title: 焦循手批《毛詩註疏》鈔釋(1)
An Addition to the Copy of Jiao Xun's Manuscript of Mao Poetry with Commentaries (1)
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 1-Jun-1999
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Abstract: 焦循手批明汲古閣本《毛詩註疏》,係其研閱《毛詩》之嚆矢,手稿內容豐富,歷時十數年,奠定其後《毛詩》學術撰述之基礎,藉此原始文獻,可以考察焦循治學之歷程及發展之進路。本文謹就前三冊〈周南、召南、邶、鄘、衛〉國風卷以篇章,依手批原貌,逐一寫錄,並以焦循《毛詩補疏》及阮元《毛詩注疏校勘記》二書核校,觀其異同,見其得失,可以匡補闕遺,斟酌而損益之。綜觀前三冊手批內容,焦循除真實於每卷後題記批讀時地景況外,多於毛傳、鄭箋及正義之短長失得,就其所見直書臧否,並引錄阮本及時儒之說以為參證,據此可以略窺焦循運用乾嘉樸學詮解《毛詩》經學之方法與底蘊,手批全文疏落有致,亦可觀照焦循治學書風之體式。
The Ji Gu Attic version of Jiao Xun's Manucript of Mao Poetry with Commentaries was the beginning step for Jiao Xun's research on Mao Poetry. It cost him more than ten years to finish this book. Hence this book was a firm basis for him to continue his research and writings on Mao Poetry Through reading this original Jiao Xun's manuscript, we could inspect his strudying progress and process. This article is written according to the former three volumes of this manuscript, including chapters of Zhou-nan, Shaonan, Bay, Yong, and Wei, in the way of consulting with Jiao Xun's later writing----Mao Poetry with Complementary Commentaries, and Ruan Yuan's book----the Record of Collating Mao Poetry with Commentaries. To make a comprehensive survey of the former three volumes of the manuscript, we could know that Jiao Xun wrote it in the way of consulting with Ruan Yuan's bool and citing opinions from scholars at his time. Besides, Jiao Xun truthfully recorded time, place, and situation after he finished writing commentaries of a volume, adn he compared different versions of Mao Poetry. Such a writing style could let us know how Jiao Xun using the methodology of textual criticism in the era of Qian Long to Jia Jing. The full text of Manuscript of Mao Poetry with Commentaries is properly arranged, and it is also a shortcut for us to understand Jiao Xun's attitude and style toward his research.
ISSN: 1019-6706
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_B0109_01_008
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