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Title: 新科技時代數位科學教師學習之研究-子計畫五:學習科技融入化學教學的教師專業成長之研究 (1/2)
Teacher Learning---Chemistry Teachers' Use of Learning Technologies in Science Classrooms (I)
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學科學教育研究所
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2004
Publisher: 行政院國家科學委員會
Abstract: 本計畫為整合計畫「新科技時代數理科學教師學習之研究」的子計畫之一,目的在 於了解化學教師將資訊融入教學的專業成長歷程以及發展教師所需的師資培育課程。教 育文獻指出教師專業與學生學習成效有非常高的相關性,培養教師專業知識為教育改革 中非常重要的一環。而在多種創新教學方法的研究中,已證實將學習科技融入教學能夠 提高學生科學學習成就,並促使教師使用較以學生為中心的教學模式。然而有多種因素 影響教師決定是否在教室中使用科技,而且教師需要相關的師資培育課程以有效利用學 習科技,因此本計畫的研究內容包括此過程中教師所需要的教學資源和社群合作,其專 業知識與教學策略的培養,以及其教學理念可能的轉變。研究流程包括背景評鑑、輸入 評鑑、過程評鑑、及成果評鑑,所應用的研究方法有問卷調查、言談分析、教學檔案分 析及教室互動分析。本研究的重要性在於從教師的觀點了解資訊融入教學的挑戰與價 值,以做為重要的教學及政策建議做為參考,延伸目前對於教師知識的理論,並由教室 互動的觀點提出使用科技所造成的教學實務與學習實務上的改變。
This project is part of a three-year, intensive educational project and developed to support chemistry teachers’ use of technology in science classrooms. Research on educational technology has reported that teachers’ use of technology could play a role in their shifting toward more constructivist pedagogy, and that the use of technology has positive impact on student learning. If using technology could promote science learning and constructivist pedagogy, then why are some science teachers still reluctant to use computers with students? What are the factors that promote or discourage teachers’ use of technology in classrooms? What are the important features of professional development curricula that could foster teachers’ use of technology in classrooms? Do teaching practices change over time with the use of technology? If so, how? What do teachers learn (or what knowledge do they develop) from their experience of using technology in classrooms? This project is designed to answer these questions. Using the CIPP model, this project will conduct context evaluation, input evaluation, process evaluation, and product evaluation. Multiple sources of data (e.g., teacher surveys, portfolios, and classroom activity recordings) will be collected and examined by using both qualitative and quantitative methods. Findings of this project will inform professional developers about what supports and professional development curricula teachers need in order to effectively integrate technology into their teaching practices. This project will also provide insight into how the use of technology might foster teacher learning and changes of teaching practices.
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