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Title: 高瞻政策導向計畫-總計畫:外部評鑑
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學科學教育研究所
Issue Date: 30-Jun-2013
Publisher: 行政院國家科學委員會
Abstract: 高瞻計畫為國科會直接補助高中職進行研究性質的多年期計畫,此計畫使得我國的課程發展得以向下扎根由第一線教師領導課程開發,此項變革對我國科學教育的發展意義十分重大。為配合國科會科教處推動新興科技人才培育政策,整合與延續高瞻計畫第一期之執行成果,以進一步建構優質科技學習環境與拓展國際合作,特規劃「第二期高瞻計畫:高中、職新興科技課程研發與推廣計畫」。「國科會第二期高瞻計畫推動辦公室」已於100年 8月正式成立,目前計畫辦公室主要任務為(1)辦理計畫徵求說明及邀請專家參與管理考評;(2)建立合理的計畫管理機制以提供必要之行政支援;(3)辦理國內的推廣與交流活動;(4)辦理國際學術交流活動,藉由辦理國際研討會及前往亞洲其它國家進行學術考察,為高瞻夥伴學校之研究與發展成果升級與加值。高瞻計畫辦公室之成立具有重要的實質功能與意義,相關的推動工作包括計畫辦公室的行政運作與資源統整,以及舉辦國內外交流研討會等活動,將能有效提昇學生科學學習自信心,強化科學與科技素養融入學校教育,提升教師朝向教學研究者的專業發展邁進,以達到科技人才培育扎根於高中職科學教育的目標。
High Scope program (HSP), as a multi-year research project which National Science Council (NSC) first funds high schools directly, enables the curriculum development to be rooted from the bottom, which is quite essential to Taiwan’s science education. Following the closure of HSP I, HSP II is initiated in order to promote NSC’s policy in cultivating talents in emerging technology, to integrate and continue the HSP I achievements, and to further construct premium science learning environments and broaden international cooperation. HSP II executive office is established on August 2011, with the main tasks as the followings: (1) handle the work of call for proposals for innovative curriculum projects and invite experts for project evaluation; (2) set up project management systems to support the development and implementation of the projects; (3) promote interaction among different domestic educational communities, including conferences for project achievement sharing, dissemination of excellent project outcomes to outlying areas, and academic writing workshops for school teachers; (4) hold international academic activities to engage direct dialogue with researchers from Asian different countries, including conferences between High Scope program of Taiwan and Super Science High School program in Japan and international conferences on science education reform. HSP II Office is created for important practical functions and meanings: The purpose of this project aims to continue running HSP II Office. Through continuing the office, a plenty of resources can be gained to organize activities such as program-related workshops and conferences. These activities shall strengthen embedding science and technology literacy into school education while improving teachers’ professional research abilities, so as to achieve the science education goal of making technology talents cultivation start from high schools.
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