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Title: 功能化奈米粒子於生物檢測及分析上之應用(III)
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學化學系
Issue Date: 31-Dec-2005
Publisher: 行政院國家科學委員會
Abstract: 我們已發展出一種新技術,去使用功能化磁性奈米粒子,來辨認心臟病中所帶有的特定蛋白質標定物,這個技術也可用來偵測其他疾病標定物,且提供高靈敏度及快速的偵測效果,與一般現有的技術,也相較便宜。第二,我們利用矽螢光奈米管,載負核酸在奈米管中,這個特定之奈米管可進入細胞,並進行核酸釋放後作基因轉殖,這是世界上第一個利用利用矽奈米管來進行基因轉殖之工作。第三,我們已成功合成功能化量子點,利用聚合物包覆於量子點外面,這個聚合物量子為水溶性且生物相容性的,適合作為成生物標定上之用途。最後,我們已合成一系列之金奈米粒子包覆在醣類分子之中,這系列之奈米粒子,可用來標定特定之蛋白質,並研究其多重共價力鏈結上之研究,並可用來偵測疾病。
First, we have developed a novel technique by using functionalized magnetic nanoparticles to recognize the specific biomarker of human heart disease under MALDI-MASS spectrometer. The technique provided a rapid, sensitive and highly specific detection platform for the bio-marker assay. The techniques also allowed us to detect several disease markers spontaneously within one hour. In comparison to current known detective techniques, our new method was relatively cheaper and much easier to be operated in daily clinical operation. Secondly, fluorescent silica nanotubes have been successfully synthesized and applied for the studies of their activity inside living cells. The specific DNA inside the hollow silica nanotubes was able to enter the cells with the access of the nanotubes and then the gene expression of the cells was observed. This work was, for the first time, to apply silica nanotubes for the gene delivery. Third, we have successfully synthesized semiconductor quantum dots encapsulated inside dentric polymers. The new functionalized quantum dots were highly water-soluble and bio-comparable. The materials were suitable for developing new bio-labeling applications. Finally, a series of carbohydrate encapsulated gold nanoparticles were prepared. For the first time, we have found that the new functionalized gold nanoparticles can generate strong multi-valence binding to their targeting protein.
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