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Title: 高中生兩性交往生活技能互動式多媒體教學介入研究
Interactional Multi-media Teaching on the Life Skills of the Boy-girl Relationship in Senior High School.
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學健康促進與衛生教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Oct-2010
Publisher: 臺灣性教育協會
Abstract: 本研究主要目的為探討在實施兩性交往生活技能互動式多媒體教學介入後,對自我覺察度、態度、自我效能及行為意向之效果及教學介入活動之過程評量。經統計分析後獲得下述研究結論:\r一、 教學介入後「自我覺察度」、「態度」、「自我效能」及「行為意向」有立即正向顯著之\r效果。二、 排除前測成績對後測成績的影響後,「自我覺察度」、「態度」、「自我效能」及「行為意向」都顯著高於對照組。三、 教學介入的過程評價,74%喜歡課程活動的設計;79%表示此教學媒體是「有助於了解兩性交往相關的生活技能」、「建立積極、正向的態度」、「更有把握做到健康兩性交往行為的自我效能」且「未來會依照互動式影片內教導的正向行為(對的行為)去做」。總結來說,互動式多媒體教學的設計能提升兩性交往生活技能之自我覺察度、態度、自我效能與行為意向,同時對本研究所設計的課程給予正向肯定。
The purpose of this study was to investigate the self-awareness, attitude,self-efficacy and behavioral intention in the senior high boy-girl relationship with the intervention of the interactional multi-media teaching on life skills and to assess the process of the intervening teaching program in the experimental group. The statistical methods included Chi-Square test, Paired-Samples T test and One-Way ANCOVA.The results were as follows:1. After the intervention, students of the experimental group had significantly improved , in respect of “self-awareness”, “attitudes”, “self-efficacy” and “behavioral intention”.2. Excluding the effect of the pre-test score (covariance) on the post-test score (variance), the experimental group’s “self-awareness”, “attitudes”,“self-efficacy” and “behavioral intention” of the life skills in the boy-girl relationship were significantly higher than those of the control group.3. Approximately 74% of the students in the experimental group enjoyed the activities designed in this multi-media program. Seventy-nine percent of the students indicated that the multi-media program “help them understand the life skills in the boy-girl relationship”, “establish the positive attitude in the boy-girlrelationship” and “have more confidence in self-efficacy in a healthy boy-girl relationship”. Furthermore, the students were willing to perform in the future those positive behaviors demonstrated in this multi-media program. This indicates that most of the students had affirmation on this well-designed health education program.In conclusion, the interactional multi-media teaching on the life skills in the boy-girl relationship recommended serves as a favorable method in practical sexuality education .
ISSN: 1608-5787
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