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Title: 性侵害犯非自願團體心理治療
Involuntary Group Psychotherapy for Sex Offenders.
Other Titles: 臺北監獄再犯預防認知行為療法成效之初探
A Study of Cognitive-Behavior Relapse Prevention Intervention in the Taipei Prison
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學健康促進與衛生教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2004
Publisher: 國立臺北大學犯罪學研究所
Abstract: 本研究主要目的是探討再犯預防認知行為療法方案對於臺北監獄性侵害犯之認知與態度改變。採用前後測之準實驗設計,經受刑人簽署同意書後,本研究共收取實驗組48人與控制組40人,實驗組由心理師進行為期16週團體認知心理治療,控制組在此時間內未接受任何心理治療或輔導。研究結果發現:實驗組在被害同理心分量表之前後測得分差異達到統計上顯著,顯示研究對象接受心理治療團體後,在被害同理心之向度上有顯著地正向處遇效果。重複量數變異數分析結果顯示,實驗組與控制組在被害同理心分量表得分上,時間與團體治療交互作用效果達到顯著,而否認犯行分量表的得分在實驗組別上有顯著主要效果。換言之,相較於控制組,實驗組在被害同理心及否認犯行兩個向度上可能有正向處遇效果。此實證資料可供性侵害防治團體治療領導者與犯罪學專家做為團體實施內容以及政策擬定的參考。
The main purpose of this paper was to examine any effect of a cognitive-behavior relapse prevention program on cognitive and attitude change among sex offenders in the Taipei prison. This research used pretest-posttest design. Following the signing of informed consent forms, 88 offenders were recruited (48 as the experimental group and 40 as the control group). The experimental group received 16 weeks of group psychotherapy directed by psychologists and the control group did not receive any program input related to psychotherapy during this period of time. Results using analysis of variance with repeated measures indicated that scores of empathy for victims were significantly different between experimental and control groups. The results also showed that there was an interaction effect of experimental intervention and time on the denial of crimes. Specifically, contrary to the control group, the intervention may have positive effects on empathy for victims and denial of crimes. The findings of this paper supported evidence for the effectiveness of group psychotherapy and can be taken into consideration when making relevant policies and designing appropriate content for prevention programs.
ISSN: 1810-4045
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_A0610_01_009
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