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Title: 私立幼托機構人員腸病毒通報意圖及其相關因素研究
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學健康促進與衛生教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Apr-2010
Publisher: 臺灣公共衛生學會
Abstract: 本研究調查台北縣與苗栗縣私立幼托機構人員之執行腸病毒通報行為意圖,及探討影響意圖之相關因素。方法:本研究採用計畫行為理論進行橫斷性研究調查,以台北縣及苗栗縣之私立幼托機構之老師與行政人員為研究對象進行立意抽樣,施行結構問卷調查。除計算計畫行為理論每一子信念之相關項目之人數與平均值外,並對通報意圖不同者在各信念之單因子施行多變項變異數分析;使用多變項邏輯式迴歸分析辨認通報意圖之影響因子;另進行通報意圖相關因素之複迴歸分析。結果:共計回收調查問卷501份,幼托機構人員有通報意圖者86.2%。有通報經驗者33.7%。研究對象通報的行為信念、結果評價的交乘積和與態度呈正相關(r=.610);規範信念、依從動機的交乘積和與主觀規範呈正相關(r=.818);控制信念、發生強度的交乘積和與知覺行為控制呈正相關(r=.375)。邏輯式迴歸發現就讀系所為非幼保專科者,其通報意圖較幼保專科者高(OR=1.99,95% CI=1.01~3.91)。以態度及主觀規範預測通報意圖解釋力為25.3%,加入知覺行為控制後解釋力上升至34.5%。結論:私立幼托機構人員多數願依從政府單位訂定之腸病毒防治政策執行相關防治作為,建議政府單位辦理宣導活動可結合其他與家長或媒體互動之活動並行,且可對幼托機構人員說明,如依政府規定進行腸病毒通報,承諾將不會披露園所名稱予媒體記者報導,以提升通報意圖。
The study investigated the behavioral intention for enterovirus notification (abb: NI; notification intention) and related factors by private kindergarten staff in Taipei and Miaoli counties. Methods: A cross-sectional survey based on the Theory of Planned Behavior (TpB) was conducted with a structured questionnaire in order to interview a convenience sample of private kindergarten staff in Taipei and Miaoli counties. The frequency and mean score of each item related to the corresponding TpB sub-component were calculated. MANOVA was used to compare the frequency of those individuals with and without NI. A multiple logistic regression technique was used to identify factors related to NI, and multiple regression models were established to explain NI with TpB component variables. Results: Of the 501 respondents who finished the interview, 86.2% showed positive NI, and 33.7% reported experience in notification. The respondents’ attitudes were positively correlated with the sum of the products of behavioral belief multiplied by outcome evaluation (r=.610), their subjective norm was correlated with normative belief multiplied by motivation to comply (r=.818), and their perceived behavioral control was correlated with control belief multiplied by power (r=.375). Moreover, those respondents who had graduated from o departments other than nursery had twice (OR=1.99, 95%CI: 1.01~3.91) the NI of those who had graduated from nursery departments in a multiple logistic regression model. The results of multiple regression analysis indicated that attitude and subjective norm accounted for 25.3% of the total variation of NI, to which the addition of perceived behavioral control could increase the explanation by 9.2% to a total of 34.5%. Conclusions: Most private kindergarten staff are willing to comply with government policies for the prevention of enterovirus infection. In order to promote NI, the government should campaign for prevention in cooperative and interactive activities with parents and media, and promise not to disclose to the press the names of those kindergartens making a notification.
ISSN: 1023-2141
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_A0609_01_022
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