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Title: 教師領導的理論分析與省思
Other Titles: Teacher Leadership: Theoretical Analysis and Reflection
Authors: 徐超聖 
Issue Date: Jun-2011
Publisher: 師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Careers Service
Abstract: 本文基於教師領導對學生學習、教師專業、組織效能及學校與社區關係經營都有其意義與重要性,因而對教師領導的理論加以分析及省思。此外,鑑於教師在現行體制上位於最基層地位,而特別討論教師領導時面臨到如何平行領導同儕教師及向上領導校長和主任的微觀政治歷程。本文相信只要在權力結構、學校文化以及教師本身習以為常的習性與觀念主長期而耐心努力,相信終究能喚醒沉睡已久的教師而成為教育改革的巨人。基於上述,本文首先分析教師領導的概念,其次闡述教師領導與微觀政治學之關係,再來反思教師領導的理論,最後提出結語。
Due to the fact that teacher leadership has an essential impact on student learning, teacher professional development, organizational effectiveness and school-community relation management, it is important to analyze and reflect the theory of teacher leadership. Firstly, we analyze the meanings, concepts and areas of teacher leaderships. Secondly, we explore the relationship between micropolitics and teacher leadership. Thirdly, we discuss some possible problems and reflections about the theory of teacher leadership. Finally, we provide some comments on the implementation and research of teacher leadership.
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