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Title: 國小校園音環境之現況及管理政策分析--以臺北縣市十二所國小為例
The Current Situation and Managerial Policy Analysis on Elementary Schools Sound Environment--Examples from Twelve Elementary Schools in Taipei County�
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學健康促進與衛生教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2006
Publisher: 中華民國學校衛生學會
Abstract: 本研究以實地訪查方式深入探討12所北部市區、郊區之綠色及非綠色學校國小校園音環境及行政管理與教育活動概況,並分析市郊區、綠色學校及非綠色學校之差異。在市郊區差異方面,發現郊區學校聽見動物聲及風聲的頻率較市區高;而市區學校噪音污染情形較郊區學校嚴重。在綠色及非綠色學校差異方面,發現綠色學校綠色音環境設施建構較非綠色學校豐富;聽見動物聲及風聲的頻率較非綠色學校頻率高;噪音污染比例較非綠色學校低;隔音建材及設備比非綠色學校有較高的使用率;音環境融入課程活動之領域較非綠色學校多元;音環境資料或媒體的提供較非綠色學校完備;音環境主題相關政策、措施及行動計劃上較非綠色學校有較高的行動力。依研究結果提出以下幾項建議以提供各小學提升校園綠色音環境之方針。校園規劃妥善設計、積極處理校園噪音源、行政人員重視及落實校園音環境相關管理政策,此外,也應將綠色音環境之理念推展至社區,以達到環境永續發展。
This study deeply discussed the sound environment, the administrative management and the educational activities in 12 green schools and non-green schools, situated in the northern urban cities and suburb areas. The study was conducted by investigating the real situation of the schools, and analyzing the difference between the green schools and non-green schools. From the differences, the frequency to hear the natural sound of animal and wind was higher in the schools situated in suburb areas. In the schools situated in urban cities, the noise pollution was more serious compare to the schools in suburb areas. We also found that the constructed facilities associated to sound environment were more abundant in green schools than in non-green-schools. Moreover, the frequency to hear the natural sound of animals and wind was higher in green schools, and the noise pollution was not as serious as in the non-green schools. Sound insulation building materials and equipments in the green schools had higher utility rate. In the green schools, there were more courses which combine sound environment element with the other main courses. Besides, the green schools provided more complete information and media related to sound environment. Also, the green schools participated actively in some policies, measurements and plans connected to the sound environment. This research gave some suggestions to provide the guiding principle that could improve the green sound environment of primary school whole displays. We should design the campus properly and deal with the noise sources in the campus positively. The green sound environment related management policies also needed the administrators to care and carry out. Finally, we should spread the concept of the green sound environment to achieve the sustainable development of the environment.
ISSN: 1561-8137
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_A0607_01_035
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