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Title: 護理人員對職業健康危害的認知及現況探討
A Study of the Nurses' Consciousness and the Present Condition Toward the Occupational Injuries
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學健康促進與衛生教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Oct-2005
Publisher: 中華民國職業病醫學會
Abstract: 為蒐集護理人員職業健康危害經驗、認知、覺知及採取預防職業傷害行為等相關資料,並評估護理人員對醫院利用網際網路促進其職場健康的態度與需求。本研究立意取樣臺北市某醫院十二位護理人員,進行深度訪談。研究主要發現:1. 職場主要健康危害經驗包括針扎、傳染病、下背痛等肌肉骨骼傷害、性騷擾、暴力及職業壓力。2. 發生的原因可歸納成四類:執行護理技術的行為與態度、環境硬體設計不良、工作負擔大以及與病人溝通互動不佳。3. 針對感染性及生物性危害之預防行為方面,個人可藉由仔細問診、配戴防護具及針頭不回套等護理技巧,避免危害發生;而物理及化學性危害則以配戴防護具為主;人因工程方面則為注意個人姿勢或穿彈性襪預防。此外,醫院組織及政策的支持、健康檢查、教育訓練、防護具的提供、環境設備的改進、安全動線及作業流程等,都是護理人員認為預防健康危害的重要方法。4.依需求評估結果,護理人員感興趣的內容與議題,包括新興疾病的知識、同儕經的分享、減輕背痛或減壓運動等。依本研究果,可作為未來規劃新進護理人員職場健康計畫之參考。
This study interviewed 12 nurses from one of the hospitals in Taipei City by using semi-constructed questionnaires, and took their feedbacks as samples of the research. The purposes of this research are to collect information on nurses’ experience, recognition, awareness, and prevention to health hazard & possible injuries in workplaces, and to evaluate the nurses’ attitudes and demands on hospitals of using internet to improve their working environment. In this research we mainly discovered the followings: 1. The major hazard experiences in working field include punctured by needles, infectious disease, muscle and bone injury, sexual harassment, violence, and pressure from work. 2. Reasons can be generalized into four categories: A. Actions and attitudes while applying medical techniques; B. Badly designed environmental hardwares; C. Heavy workload; D. Bad communication with patients. 3. In order to prevent the related health hazards at work, and especifically against infectious and biological hazards, an individual can use detail in-person diagnosis, protective equipment, one-time needle and other nursing techniques to prevent the threats. On the other hand, physical and chemical threats are mainly prevented by suing preventing devices. Appropriate personal gestures and elastic stockings are the key preventing ways to ergonomics. Other then these preventions, hospital organization, supporting policy, physical examination, education training, protective equipment supplement, environment equipment improvement, safety route planning and operation procedure design are also considered as important methods in preventing health hazards. 4. According to the demand evaluation result, the issued and topics that paramedics interested in are: information of newly discovered diseases, experiences-sharing, pressure-reducing exercise, etc. The results of this research can be used as a reference for promoting paramedics’ occupational health plan in the future.
ISSN: 1023-3660
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_A0607_01_031
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