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Title: 臺北市高職夜間部學生健康生活型態及其相關因素之研究
A Study of Health Lifestyles and Related Factors for Vocational High School Students at the Night Department in Taipei�
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學健康促進與衛生教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2012
Publisher: 中華民國學校衛生學會
Abstract: 本論文目的在探討台北市高職夜間部(含進修部)學生健康生活型態的現況及其相關因素,利用自填結構式問卷共得有效樣本482份,並得結論如下:一、研究對象六成四有打工、單親家庭有三成二、低社經地位高達七成四。曾經吸菸者佔五成三,曾經喝酒有七成,曾經使用成癮藥物有零點九成,曾經發生性行為佔四成二。二、健康生活型態與相關資料比較後發現除心理壓力調適外,其它在飲食習慣、運動與休閒行為、休息與睡眠、安全生活行為、菸酒與成癮藥物使用、與性行為等健康生活型態方面表現都極為不佳,就讀公私立學校、父母的管教方式與學業成就皆是預測的重要因素。研究中提出建議與改進方針,提供學校及相關單位參考,使其能更有效率的處理夜間部學生生活型態上的相關健康問題。
The purpose of this study was to explore the health lifestyle status, and to analyze the relationship between the health lifestyle status and related factors for vocational school's night students in Taipei city. By using a stratified random sampling method, a sample of 482 students provided data that was later validated. The results of the study were summarized as follows:1. Of the students studied, those with part-time jobs accounted for 64%, those from single-parent families accounted for 32%, and those with a lower social and economic status accounted for 74%.2. The results of the study show that under the influence of the pressure of academic performances and other relevant factors, vocational high school students show improvement in the aspect of their health behaviors, such as the adjustment of their psychological pressures; but also show drawbacks in the aspect of their healthy lifestyles, such as their diet habits, exercise and leisure activities, relaxation and sleepiness, behaviors of safe lives, the usage of cigarettes, alcohols, and drugs, as well as their sexual behaviors. The crucial factors that may foreshow and affect the result include the public or private schools students are attending, parents' ways of discipline, and students' academic performances.This research proposes some suggestions and guiding principles in hope that relevant authorities and schools are able to deal with night school students' daily health problems more efficiently.
ISSN: 1561-8137
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