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Title: 高中職健康與護理科教師對該課程綱要之認知與教學需求研究
A Study on Senior and Vocational High School Teachers' Cognition of Course Outline and Demand for Teaching�
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學健康促進與衛生教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2012
Publisher: 中華民國學校衛生學會
Abstract: 本研究旨在瞭解高中職健康與護理科教師對於課程綱要之認知、教學需求及其相關因素。研究母群體是以99學年度,全國高中高職健康與護理科教師,採立意取樣,以參加100年5月期間健康與護理學科中心研討會之205名教師為樣本,以自編結構式問卷進行資料收集,共得有效問卷171份,回收率達83.4%,研究結果主要發現如下:一、研究對象以畢業於護理系、有碩士學歷者人數最多,本課程(含軍訓護理)教學年資平均約15年、近三年參加研習次數平均約6次。二、本研究研究對象課程專業知能屬中上程度;且課程綱要認知亦屬中上程度。而課程教學需求得分為中等程度。三、研究對象背景變項,可顯著解釋「課程主題認知」總變異量的20.9%,最主要預測因子為「專業知能總分」。另外,背景變項可解釋「課程核心能力認知」總變異量的23.5%,其中「專業知能總分」及「近三年參加研討會次數」是主要預測變項。最後,背景變項可解釋「課程教學需求」總變異量的18.8%,其中以「任教縣市別」為最主要預測變項。
This study's aim was to understand the research subjects cognition of their course outline, the demand for teaching, and other related factors. The population of this study was correlated through purposeful sampling. This group consisted of 205 health and nursing teachers that both taught at vocational or senior high schools in the 2010 academic year, as well as participated in health and nursing seminars in May 2011. By conducting a self-structured questionnaire, validated data was collected from 171 teachers (83.4% of the population). The result were summarized as follows.1. The research subjects selected for this study all had a health and nursing teaching certificate as well as a master's degree in nursing. They had an average of 15 years of experience in teaching military nursing and health as well as the nursing curriculum. They participated in health and nursing seminars at an average of six times in the past three years.2. The research subjects' professional knowledge, cognition of course outline, and their demand for course teaching score were ranged at the middle-upper level. What they demanded most was that "health and nursing courses should be listed as required courses" and that "teaching hours of health and nursing courses should be increased".3. The research subject personal background variation could explain 20.9% of the total variance in "cognition of course topics". The principal predictor in determines this variance was "total score of professional knowledge and competencies". In addition, personal background variables could account for 23.5% of the total variance in the "cognition of core competencies of courses". The main predictors were "total score of professional knowledge and competencies" and "the number of seminars they joined in the past three years". Furthermore personal background variables could explain 18.8% of the total variance of "demand for course teaching". However, a major variable is where the teachers are located in Taiwan as different areas have different needs.
ISSN: 1561-8137
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