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dc.contributor.author郭瑞玲 zh_tw 陳政友zh_tw
dc.description.abstractThis study examined the beliefs on student myopia prevention and related teaching behaviors of the elementary school teachers in Taipei County, Taiwan. The subjects comprised of all the teachers from two elementary schools chosen with judgment sampling. And 249 effective questionnaires were analyzed. The major findings are as follows: 1. The overall level of the subjects' beliefs on myopia prevention was somewhere between "agree" and "very agree". Yet, they performed less well on the understandings of "the causes of myopia". 2. Most of the myopia prevention teaching behaviors fell between "often do" and "always do", which was also above average. The differences in "age", "seniority", "assignment", "marital status" and "parentage" showed significant correlations with the teaching behaviors; the more, the better. 3. All of the subjects' beliefs on student myopia prevention were positively and significantly correlated with their teaching behaviors. 4. Subjects who graduated from normal colleges, universities or graduate schools had better "beliefs on student myopia prevention". Generally, the older subjects, the classroom teachers, the near-sighted and the ones who have higher myopia prevention beliefs performed better on "myopia prevention teaching behaviors". In order to improve the implementation on student myopia prevention by elementary school teachers, some recommendations for the future educational administration and research were provided.en_US
dc.subject.other國小教師 zh_tw
dc.subject.other 近視預防信念 zh_tw
dc.subject.other 近視預防教學行為zh_tw
dc.subject.otherElementary school teachers�en_US
dc.subject.otheryopia prevention beliefs�en_US
dc.subject.otheryopia prevention teaching behaviorsen_US
dc.titleA Study on the Beliefs on Myopia Prevention and Related Teaching Behaviors of the Elementary School Teachers in Taipei County, Taiwanen_US
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