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Title: 外籍配偶子女的語文、心智能力發展與學習狀況調查研究
An Investigation of Language, Mental Ability, and Learning Behavior Development for Children of Foreign Bride Families
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學健康促進與衛生教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2004
Publisher: 國立高雄師範大學教育學系
Abstract: 本研究目的在探討外籍配偶子女語文、心智能力發展及學習行為的狀況,共有115位四歲至十歲的外籍配偶子女參與。畢保德圖畫詞彙測驗結果顯示,五歲、六歲、及八歲組兒童的平均語文能力屬中等程度,但七歲組兒童的語文能力屬中下程度,而九歲與十歲組兒童的語文能力有相當不錯的水準。語文分數標準差非常大,顯現其語文程度發展是參差不齊的,且有少部分的外籍配偶子女的語文能力是屬發展遲滯的。綜合心理能力測驗結果顯示,各個年齡組兒童的心智能力發展均屬稍微偏低狀?,且標準差極大,顯現外籍配偶子女的心智能力發展參差不齊。關于外籍配偶子女的學習行?特徵,結果發現外籍配偶子女的學習行?表現均落入正常範圍內,惟七歲與九歲組兒童的注意與記憶平均分數,七歲、八歲與九歲組兒童的知動協調平均分數,九歲組兒童的社會適應平均分數,及十歲的個人情緒表現平均分數仍落入問題頻繁的範圍;學習行為分數的標準差相當大,可見各年齡組外籍配偶子女的學習行為情況是參差不齊的。
The main purposes of the present study were to examine the mental development of children who were born in the families of foreign bride. Children's language, mental ability, and learning behavior were assessed by the standardized measurements. There were 115 children, age range 4 to 10 year-old, participated in the present study. Results indicated that children's language scores were belonged to middle levels for 5, 6, and 8 year-old groups. For 7 year-old, the language scores were low levels, whereas children's language scores of 9 and 10 year-old groups were belonged to middle-high levels. Additionally, children's mental abilities were belonged to middle-low for each group children of foreign bride families. The scores of standard deviation were large indicated that there was significant difference of mental ability for the children of each group. The scores of learning behavior were belonged to normal levels for each group children. Further, the scores of perceptual-motion coordination for 7, 8, and 9 year-old groups, the scores of social skills for 9 year-old group, and the scores of emotional performance for 10 year-old group were belonged to frequent levels for the children of foreign bride families.
ISSN: 1563-3527
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_A0605_01_038
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