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Title: 計劃行為理論各成份量表之效度與信度的重新評估--以青少年無照騎車行為之研究為例
Reassessing the Validity and Reliability of the Scales on the Theory of Planned Behavior for the Adolescent Motorcyclists Without License
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學健康促進與衛生教育學系
Issue Date: 1-May-1998
Publisher: 國立空中大學社會科學系
Abstract: 在過去幾十年中,國內、外應用計劃行為理論來探討各類重要問題的研究實在有 很多,然而大部分都忽略了根據此理論所發展各量表之測量理論基礎,特別是效、 信度問題。因此,本研究即鑒於今天國內有很多學者紛紛應用此理論來探討各種 社會與健康行為之際,選擇已建立好之量表重新評估它們是否仍擁有好的效度與 信度,以提供在應用此理論於問題探討時之參考與依據。在方法上,本研究藉助 於此量表完成後正式應用於預測青少年無照騎車行為之時機,以重新評估此理論 各量表之效度與信度。結果發現根據此理論所提出的五個概念建構與量表發展之 步驟,再配合開放式引導問卷方式所設計之各量表,確實仍然可以在測量與理論 上獲得高的效、信度指標。然而,除了效標變項之一的行為意向量表之外,在測 量上應用者亦必須瞭解此理論決定因素的各成份量表在行為應用上都是多向度量 表。至於隨後的這些成份分量表之信度分析,亦應進行個別的考慮。尤其在應用 上,更應該強調的是這些量表之所以能有如此高的效度與信度,基本土是建立在 這些量表都是多向度的假設下。
More than ten years past, many researchers applied the theory of planned behavior to explore all varieties of the important issues, but they almost ignored its psychometric foundation, particularly validity and reliability. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to reassess two major psychometric characteristics of those scales based upon this theory so as to provide the future applied researchers for further references. Methodologically, this study utilized the application of this theory to predict the behavior in adolescent motorcyclists without license. It was found that from the viewpoint of measurement and theoretical construct, those scales on this theory owned high validity and reliability exactly while the researchers followed those standardized procedures with the open-ended questionnaire. Nevertheless, except the behavioral intention scale for one of the criteria, all of the determinant component scales upon this theory were multidimensional in the psychometric measurement, and their subscales were analyzed individually in both the reliability and the item analysis. It was worth emphasizing that those high valid and reliable scales exactly resulted from those multidimensional hypotheses.
ISSN: 1023-0777
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_A0605_01_012
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