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Title: 台北市國中學生綠色消費知識、態度、行為意圖及其相關因素研究~以某國中為例
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學健康促進與衛生教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2009
Publisher: 花蓮市:中華民國科學教育學會
Abstract: 近年來綠色消費主義開始受到國際的重視,而高人口密度且自然資源不足的台 灣政府與民間環保團體也開始重視。本研究目的在瞭解臺北市國中學生之綠色消費知 識與態度、綠色消費行為意圖的情形,並探討其相互關係。研究對象為台北市某國中 七、八、九年級學生,採分層隨機抽樣方式,每年級抽取 5 班,以自填式結構問卷為 研究工具來蒐集資料,共獲得有效樣本 506 人。研究結果:學生的綠色消費態度、家 庭社經地位和年級,最能有效預測意圖(R2 =.495),其中綠色消費態度影響最大。綠 色消費知識程度愈高、綠色消費態度愈正向、家庭社經地位愈高、環保活動參與和環 保資訊接觸經驗越豐富者,其綠色消費行為意圖也愈強烈。建議要提升垃圾減量的概 念,加強對國中生進行綠色消費教育。
The concepts of green consumption have been accepted all around the world in recent years. They also draw a lot of attention from Taiwan government and local environmental groups. The purposes of this study were to understand the knowledge, attitude, and behavioral intention of green consumption of junior high students in Taipei and to discuss the correlations among these factors. The sample of this study were 7th 8th and 9th grade students in a junior high school in Taipei. Five classes in each grade were randomly selected from the junior high school. Each student was asked to complete a structured questionnaire. A total 506 questionnaires were collected. The results of this study showed that attitudes toward green consumption, family social economic level, and student age could effectively predict behavioral intention (R2 = .495). Among these factors, attitude toward green consumption influenced the behavioral intention most, followed by family social economic level. Students with higher knowledge and more positive attitude toward green consumption, with higher family social economic level, more environmental information and environmental activities performed with stronger behavioral intention in green consumption. The implications of this study include that a lack of concepts of waste reduction is what students needed to improve most. It is necessary to strengthen environmental education in junior high schools to promote green consumption in teenagers
ISSN: 1027-507X
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_A0602_01_042
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