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Title: 臺北市五專五年級學生近三十年約會與性行為變化趨勢研究
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學健康促進與衛生教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2009
Publisher:  中國輔導學會
Abstract: 本研究分析現有四個不同時期收集但相關的約會與性行為調查(1979年、1988年、1998年、2007年),探討近三十年台北市五專五年級男女青年約會與性行為(包括牽手、搭肩摟腰、接吻、輕度愛撫、重度愛撫、性交)隨時間變化趨勢,作為兩性親密關係輔導與教育的參考。研究樣本取樣為分層集束抽樣。結果顯示: 1.最近十年,初次約會年齡有下降情形。 2.近三十年來,女性的約會與六類性行為百分率增加趨勢均達顯著差異;男性只有三類性行為達顯著差異。相鄰兩期百分率差異Z檢定發現,增加最顯著在1988與1998年間,特別是女性的性交行為,增加率高達286.96%,是同期男性的44倍。可能與社會文化變遷、風氣開放有關。 3.性交百分率男女差異,前三期均為女性顯著低於男性,至2007 年時,此項差異消失,同年其餘五類性行為,均女性高於男性,但多未達顯著差異。顯示近代女性的性行為可能不再如刻板印象所稱的保守。 4.性交與深度愛撫兩者百分率差異,各時期女性的差異均顯著大於男性。2007 年時,除性交外,餘五類均為女性數值高於男性。推測女性的「貞操觀念」對性交的決定仍有影響力。 5.搭肩摟腰百分率與接吻接近,可能此二者對時下青年而言,其約會行為階段性的意義相近。 本研究對教育與輔導及未來研究提出建議。
The present study analyzed four separate studies relating to adolescent dating and sexual behavior from 1979 to 2007, to investigate behavioral trends across a 30 year span. Dependant variables were age of first dating and six categories of sexual behavior, including holding hands, hugging, kissing, light petting, heavy petting, and coitus. Subjects were 5th graders of junior colleges in Taipei City, Taiwan. Research findings were: (a) age of first dating was younger in recent 10 years than before; (b) among females, the linear analyses for trend were significant for all sexual behavior whereas among males, only three of them were significant, and the biggest increase in rate was coitus among females from year 1988 to 1998; (c) coitus rates were significantly higher for males than for females in all years except for 2007, but there was no gender difference in year 2007; (d) differences between heavy petting and coitus were significantly larger among females than males in all years, suggesting that the traditional “virginity concept” might still exert some influence on sexual behavior decision-making; (e) hugging and kissing rates were close, suggesting the two might be paralleled in terms of dating stages. Social development emphasizing autonomy and self determination as well as gender education movement in recent years might have contributed to the changes of sexual behavior among youth.
ISSN: 1728-5186
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