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Title: 建構社會領域領導教師專業知能三維論之探究
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學公民教育與活動領導學系;國立暨南國際大學比較教育學系;國家教育研究院; 臺北市立教育大學
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2011
Publisher: 國立教育研究院籌備處
Abstract: 近年來,隨著九年一貫課程的實施,學習領域召集人之角色與功能逐漸受到重視,雖然關於學習領域召集人的研究逐漸增加,然而,針對特定學習領域召集人之角色定位與專業知能的研究仍亟待開展。本文所稱的「社會領域領導教師」,在概念上接近目前學校層級的「社會領域召集人」,而本文之目的即在探討國民中小學社會領域領導教師之角色定位,並建構一個三維的專業知能架構。 為達到上述目的,本文採用文獻分析法,參考英國《學科領導者國家標準》,以定位社會領域領導教師的角色及其任務,並根據任務性質將任務分成四種類型,由此四類型任務推衍出三個面向的專業知能,再轉化應用相關理論及英國該標準,發展各面向的要素。 根據本文的分析,我國社會領域領導教師應扮演該領域的「發展方向及策略的形成者」、「教學與學習品質的提昇者」以及「教學團隊的領導與管理者」。為完成上述三種角色的任務,社會領域領導教師應具備三維知能(共十三要素): 1. 領導知能:含知識、技能、特質; 2. 精進知能:含專業成長、評鑑、研究; 3. 課程與教學知能:含教育目標與脈絡、學科內容、學習者、書面課程、支持課程、一般及學科教學、習得及測驗課程。
With the implementation of the Grades 1-9 Curriculum Guidelines for Primary and Junior High Education, the roles and functions of learning area convenors have been paid more attention than before. In spite of the increasing body of research on learning area convenors, the study specifically focusing on Social Studies Learning Area convenors is still underdeveloped.The term “teachers as Social Studies Learning Area leaders (SSLAL teachers)” adopted in this article is conceptually similar to “Social Studies Learning Area convenors”, a position in primary and secondary schools in Taiwan. The aims of this article are to define the roles which should be played by SSLAL teachers and to construct a three-dimension framework of professional competences for them. In order to attain the above goals, literature analysis is adopted as the research method. The article refers to the National Standards for Subject Leaders adopted in England and Wales to define the roles of SSLAL teachersand their corresponding tasks. According to their nature, the tasks are categorised into four,from which three dimensions of professional competence are deduced. Following that, the article adopts and contextualises related theories and aforementioned standards to develop the elements of each dimension of professional competence. It is concluded that SSLAL teachers should play three roles: the author of direction and strategies for future development, the promoter of teaching and learning quality, and the leader and manager of the teaching group. In order to conduct the tasks of the three roles, a SSLAL teacher should be equipped with thirteen elements of professional competences within three dimensions (leadership, professional enhancement, and curriculum and instruction).
ISSN: 1816-6504
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