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Title: 教師專業發展評鑑之個案研究
Other Titles: 促進組織學習的觀點
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2011
Publisher:  國立教育研究院籌備處
Abstract: 為回應教育革新的需求,以評鑑促進組織學習的議題逐漸受到重視,因此,本研究選取一所持續參與教師專業發展評鑑的公立國中進行個案研究,分析評鑑實施的脈絡、程序,以及其對組織學習的影響。本研究結果顯示:一、個案學校在良好的脈絡基礎上,採取有效的策略,持續漸進地推動評鑑實務;二、個案學校透過評鑑的結果性與過程性用途之綜效,促進不同層級的組織學習;三、個案學校以評鑑促進組織學習,實受到領導者角色、分享機制與氛圍、個人心智模式、同儕互動、評鑑時間以及政策配套等因素之影響。最後,依據研究結果提出建議。
In response to the needs of educational innovation, the way in which evaluation facilitates organizational learning is an emerging issue in the field of evaluation. In this research, therefore, a case study was conducted to understand the context and processes of Teacher Evaluation for Professional Development (TEPD) as well as its effects on organizational learning. The case chosen for this study was a public middle school that had implemented TEPD for 3 years. The findings are as follows. (1) The case school with readiness for evaluation inquired continuously and effectively into the practice of evaluation. (2) The case school facilitated the individual, team, and organizational levels of learning by involving teachers in the evaluation process and in the use of evaluation results. (3) Factors affecting organizational learning prompted by TEPD included the role of leadership, environment and mechanism of sharing, teachers’ mental models of evaluation, peer interaction, resources provided, and time limit on evaluation involvement. Finally, suggestions for TEPD were offered on the basis of these findings.
ISSN: 1816-6504
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_A0133_01_003
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