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Title: 探析專業學習社群的展化學習經驗與課程創新行動--活動理論取徑
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2011
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Abstract: 政策目標導入可衍生新的需求,促進教師成長和課程革新。本文應用活動理論和展化學習,揭示高瞻目標引發教師社群之專業成長、社群和課程與教學創新行動之間的辯證關係。本文採個案研究法,主要透過訪談、焦點團體討論、文件分析等方式蒐集資料。研究發現,計畫活動系統因高瞻目標而形成,主體為學校研究團隊,工具則為集體活動之重要中介。工具包括會議、教案與關鍵性問題等,為團隊建立共識和完成任務的重要憑藉。工具的發展涉及活動系統中的衝突與矛盾,矛盾成為集體目標發展的動力,透過社群專業增能、研討、教案設計與修正和反思等,團隊的展化學習歷程得以開展。此外,由大學支援提供的鄰近發展區,搭起教師專業知能發展的鷹架,將挑戰、衝突等不一致的矛盾狀態,轉為社群學習的驅力機制。社群行動的協商與跨科合作,深化團隊展化學習的場域,使個體的專業成長和社群的任務達成相輔相成。
Policy-based initiatives can encourage professional development and curriculum innovation. By means of in-depth interviews, focus group interviews, and document analyses, this case study investigated the interplay among professional growth, construction of professional learning community, and innovative teaching in a high school team for “the high scope program.” On the basis of the activity theory and the expansive learning model, the findings showed that to accomplish the policy objectives of the program, a program activity system emerged, which precipitated the formation of the aforementioned interplay. The artifacts generated in this system included meetings, lesson plans, and critical questions. They helped solve contradictions among the entities of program activities. The team also built a platform for collegial discussion, question analyses, lesson plan design and revision, and reflection. The process demonstrated the expansive learning cycle of the team that integrated individual actions into collective activities. The outcomes of such a cycle included mastery of inquiry-based teaching methods and creation of curriculum modules for innovative teaching.The university scholars provided scaffolds of challenges and conflicts to facilitate the professional development of the team. Through negotiations and constructive actions in the professional learning community, the team engaged in boundary-crossing collaboration which constantly pushed the team’s epistemic horizon, and thus fostered individual as well as collective professional growth.
ISSN: 1028-8708
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