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Title: 台灣少數族群跨文化教師的認同發展、課程意識與文化回應教學研究(II)
A Study on Identity Development, Curriculum Consciousness, and Culturally Responsive Teaching of Cross-Cultural Minority Teachers in Taiwan(Ⅱ)
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系;國立臺灣師範大學美術學系
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2012
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討台灣多元社會脈絡裡,具多元背景(族群、語言、階級、性別、地 區等)的中小學少數族群原住民籍與客家籍教師,在跨越不同文化疆界的過程中所形塑 的認同發展,以及這種認同發展跟其課程意識與教學實踐的關連性,並且進一步透過行 動研究,瞭解、檢視少數族群跨文化教師其文化回應教學方案的實施成果與挑戰。為了 達成研究目的,本研究擬分二年二階段,透過文獻探討、個別訪談、焦點團體訪談、觀 察、比較、教室對話分析、以及學生訪談與學習成效分析等方式進行探究。本研究待探 討的問題有如下四項,亦即中小學具多元背景的少數族群跨文化教師: (一)、在台灣多元社會濡化/涵化的過程中,其所形塑的認同發展為何?有何認同上 的衝突?如何調節? (二)、他們的課程意識與教學實踐為何?這種課程意識與教學實踐跟其認同發展的 關連性又為何?有何轉化產生? (三)、他們在不同教育階段、族群/語言、性別、任教科目、任教學校所在地、甚至 不同學校組織文化之間的認同發展、課程意識與教學實踐,有何異同? (四)、如何可能透過文化回應教學的行動研究方案,改善其課程與教學並促進專業 成長?
The major purpose of this study is going to investigate the identity development, curriculum consciousness, and the program outcomes of culturally responsive teaching of cross-cultural minority teachers in Taiwan, such as aboriginal teachers and Hakka teachers. The research will mainly adopt qualitative approach to collect data. Data derived from literature review, individual interview, focus group interview, comparison method, classroom observation, taping of classroom teaching, and classroom discourse analysis will provide significant information to answer the related research questions. The prospective research findings from this study will include the following: (1) a thorough review of relevant literature about the issues of identity development, curriculum consciousness, and culturally responsive teaching of cross-cultural minority teachers; (2) a detailed analysis of cross-cultural minority teachers’identity development, curriculum consciousness, and the relationships between their identity development and curriculum consciousness; (3) a comprehensive understanding on the comparisons of differences and similarities of cross-cultural minority teachers’identity development and curriculum consciousness in terms of different education level, ethnic origin, native language, gender, teaching subject, and school location; and (4) a prospective program development and evaluation of culturally responsive teaching via action research.
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