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Title: 鄉土文化課程的政策、轉換與實際
Other Titles: 文化、認同與教育的分析觀點
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Oct-2003
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育研究中心
Abstract: 鄉土文化課程的實施是台灣多元文化教育的實踐表現,對於它在九年一貫課程實施下的轉換探究,除了檢視其歷史發展脈絡、實施情形與發展走向外,並從文化、認同與教育的觀點,分析鄉土文化課程有關政策與實際的問題。研究採用文獻分析、學校實地訪視以及訪談等方法進行資料蒐集。研究結果發現,鄉土文化課程的可能轉換形式包括:教材融入各領域教學之中、成為彈性課程裡的重要議題、與學校本位課程結合、接軌於「社區有教室」方案、鄉土語言的接續發展、以及鄉土教學網站的建置等六種。而鄉土文化課程所蘊含的國家認同、文化在地性、多元文化精神以及課程政策等議題,也是值得反省關切的。對於鄉土文化課程政策推廣、校長課程領導、教師實踐知識以及教學時數等問題,提出的參考建議有:推廣鄉土文化課程的多元轉換形式;規範九年一貫課程綱要上有關鄉土教材的編輯範圍;提升教師鄉土教學的專業水準;以及相關學術社群不改其探究的本色。
The implementation of Regional Cultural Curriculum centers upon the practice of multicultural education in Taiwan. This study explores the possible transformations of Regional Cultural Curriculum under the nine-year compulsory education curriculum reform in Taiwan. Regional Cultural Curriculum is examined in light of its historical context, current implementations and future prospects. Perspectives from culture, identity and education are also included to analyze the Regional Cultural Curriculum’s policies and practices. Data derived from literature review, school visits, and individual interviews provides significant information to answer the research questions. The research findings from this study include: (1) the possible transformations of Regional Cultural Curriculum are multiple and diverse; (2) the practical effects and problems of Regional Culture Curriculum have been in the process of shifting under the implementation of the nine-year compulsory education curriculum reform; and (3) issues embedded in Regional Culture Curriculum, such as national identity, cultural localization, multicultural education, and curriculum policies, are important focuses of concern. The authentic recommendations for the future of Regional Culture Curriculum in Taiwan include: promoting curriculum policy, regulating textual domains, upgrading teacher’s professional knowledge, and continuing academic contributions.
ISSN: 1022-1670/1814-4810
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_A0123_01_002
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