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Title: 壓迫者教育學內涵之探究
An Preliminary Exploration of 'A Pedagogy for the Oppressor'
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2007
Abstract: Freire 的教育學說雖然以「受壓迫者教育學」為名,但是其對於壓迫者的改 造工作其實也並未完全輕忽,甚至於,當我們在解讀Freire 的教育文本時,他有 關於壓迫者的論述更應該受到我們的重視,我們對於其教育理論的理解才能益發 完整。深層地來看,所謂的「受壓迫者教育學」應該是屬於所有「人」的教育學, 目的在尋回所有人的人性,所以它的教育對象應該不只包括受壓迫者,也應該包 括壓迫者在內。女性主義教育學者N. Noddings 便認為在Freire 的「受壓迫者教 育學」之外,還應該有一種新的教育學─「壓迫者教育學」的存在。 本研究的主要目的即在探討所謂的「壓迫者教育學」的意義及可能應有的內 涵。本研究借用K. Crenshaw 及P. H. Collins 等人對「多元交織性」 (intersectionality)的闡釋及Noddings 從「女性經驗」出發所構思的教育學內容 等觀點,並從這些觀點出發,試圖重新審視受壓迫者教育學中可能的缺乏之處, 並以其作為建構「壓迫者教育學」內涵的主要基礎。同時研究者,也希望藉著壓 迫者教育學的闡述,嘗試為我國的多元文化教育提供一些新的省思。
Although the most famous and important writing of Paulo Freire entitled “Pedagogy of the Oppressed”, he never ignored the work of transformation of oppressors.When we try to reinterpret the educational texts of Freire, the humanization of oppressor is essential for the fulfillment of truly anti-oppressive society, and the inclusion of the transformation of oppressor in his plan would make us grasp his educational thought more comprehensively. Nel Noddings argued in her “Women and Evil”(1989) that Freire didn’t consider the role of the oppressor in his pedagogy, so we need a more thorough examination of how the oppressor should behave, that is , pedagogy for the oppressor. The main purpose of this study is to explore the possibility and contents of “pedagogy for the oppressor”. In addition to the arguments of Noddings’“women’s experience”, this study plans to borrow from the perspective of “insectionality” (suggested by K. Crenshaw and P. H. Hills, etc.) to inquire the complexities of oppression in the modern society deeply, and discover the lacks of Freire pedagogies of the oppressed. In term of the exploration of the pedagogy for oppressor, this researcher hopes to make some contributions to Taiwan’s multicultural education and its practices.
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