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Title: 杜威(John Dewey)與吉爾曼(Charlotte Perkins Gilman)的女子教育學說之比較研究
The Comparative Analysis of Thoughts about Female Education between John Dewey and Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2008
Abstract: 美國女性教育哲學家Jane R. Martin 曾論述以往教育思想研究中忽略「女性」 或「性別」的議題,認為以往的教育思想要不就忽略了女子教育學者的學說,要 不就忽略了女子教育此一論述在教育理論中的地位。本研究的主要目的即在探討 及比較十九至廿世紀兩位著名美國教育學者─杜威(J. Dewey)及吉爾曼(C. P. Gilman)─的女子教育學說,以補國內教育理論研究於此方面的研究之不足。 無論杜威或吉爾曼,在19 及20 世紀之交時皆為獨領風騷的風雲人物,杜威 開始了美國在哲學及教育思想上的新思維,吉爾曼則是發動當代女權運動的重要 旗手,他(她)們都同屬於19 世紀末至20 世紀初此一所謂的「進步世代」 (progressive ear)成員,也都或少都受到了達爾文主義及實用主義等其他當時思 潮的影響,因此兩者在基本的思想上也有頗多的類似之處。然而在論述到女子教 育問題時,兩者之間就存有不少的差異,甚至形成強調的對比。 準此,本研究計畫的目的有三:(一)剖析杜威與吉爾曼在女子教育目的、功 用、內容及教學方法上的類似及差異,以深入了解這兩位學者的女子教育學說, 並藉此重新評估兩者的教育理論、探究同時代的兩位教育思想家的思想內涵。(二) 透過對杜威與吉爾曼女子教育學說的深入探究,除了延續研究者之前的研究目標 及努力成果外,也意圖更深入地挖掘傳統西方教育思想發展過程中,發現向來所 被忽視的女性學者及其在教育思想上應有的「聲音」。(三)透過對於兩者教育思 想的比較研究,了解在十九世紀進步主義及實用主義等重要思潮影響下,對於西 方當時主張社會改革的教育思想家所產生的影響。而在研究方法上,則以理論探 討及文獻、文件分析作為主要的研究方法。
Since Jane R. Martin had published her famous writing “Reclaiming a Conversation: The Ideal of Educated Women”in 1985,the inquiry of western educational thoughts and educational theories began to face new challenge and went through significant changes. More and more scholars who are influenced by feminism began to inquire the question whether the issues about “woman”or “gender”have been ignored in the history of orthodox educational thoughts. They argued that both of the “object”of woman, that is, the issues of “female education”, and the “subject”of woman, that is, the works of female thinkers, had long been neglected by canonical history of educational thoughts. This research would review and inquire the regarding literatures of thoughts about female education of two famous educational thinkers during the second half of 18th century and the first half of 19th century in America, they are John Dewey (1859-1952) and Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1860-1935). Although Dewey is much more famous and important for his great contributions to the development of contemporary educational theory than Gilman, they have lots of similarities between their thoughts while there are also some differences between them. Especially from the perspective of feminism, the theory about female education of Gilman is more comprehensive and radical than Dewey. This research would pursue the comparative analysis of the educational thoughts of aforementioned two thinkers, and try to find some connections and differences between their thoughts about female education.With the advancement of this research, the researcher looks forward to rediscovering important educational thoughts of some female writers who was neglected in the western history and theories about female education of some male educational thinker, in order to reconstruct the focus of concern for the western history of education from the viewpoint of “gender”
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