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Title: 教學領導理念在教學輔導教師制度上的運用
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2004
Publisher: 臺北市立教育大學
Abstract: 近幾年來,教學領導的理念隨著教育革新強調「民主化、自由化、專業化」的呼聲,漸被重視與廣泛使用。教學領導的基本理念在於發揮領導的力量,有效地提升教學品質,促進教師專業成長。本文從教學領導的理念出發,析論教學輔導教師扮演教學領導的關鍵角色,闡述教學輔導教師運用教學領導理念的相關注意事項,並從專業知能的提升、與教師的互動、及對人事物的態度等三方面,提出教學輔導教師從事教學領導的行動策略。此外,筆者也在每一行動策略的敘述中,引述過去各校試辦教學輔導教師制度的實施經驗,以佐證行動策略的有效性,期能有助於教學輔導教師制度的推展,讓更多的師生皆受益,以達成教學領導的最終目標。
The basic idea of instructional leadership is focused on extending mentor teachers' influence in the school, promoting the teaching quality effectively and advancing teacher professional development. This article will discuss the idea of instructional leadership, and interpret the key role of mentor teachers who play in instructional leadership. The following is to elucidate the most important things about mentor teachers how to use the idea of instructional leadership. We also suggest the mentor teacher how to promote the professional knowledge, interact with other teachers and take the correct attitude to others in order to get point of instructional leadership. It hopes from these directions the mentor teachers will know how to develop the action strategy of instructional leadership. Furthermore, it also includes the experiences of action strategy in many schools about the mentor teacher system to improve the efficiency of this action strategy. We hope this article will promote to empower the mentor teacher system and make all of teachers and students get profit from this system.
ISSN: 1681-6714
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_A0115_01_010
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