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Title: 臺灣教育科技研究的回顧與分析
Review and Analysis of Research in the Field of EducationalTechnology in Taiwan
Other Titles: 《教學科技與媒體》1992~2012論文的內容分析
A Content Analysis of Articles Published in the Instructional Technology & Media from 1992 to 2012
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2012
Publisher: 台灣教育傳播暨科技學會
Abstract: 本研究應用內容分析法分析「教學科技與媒體」季刊1992~2012年間所刊登學術論文之內容及其發展趨勢。分析面向有七:作者與機構、論文類型、研究主題、研究方法、資料收集方式、資料分析方法以及科技應用種類。在此年代為經,各面向為緯探討臺灣教育科技發展的趨勢。研究結果顯示,從研究類型而言,「教學科技與媒體」在文章選用上,前十年(1992-2001)著重理論與實務,而後十年(2002-2012)逐漸轉變為實徵研究導向。在研究主題方面,網路教學(19%)與資訊科技融入教學(18%)兩主題所佔比例較高。就研究方法來說,以調查法與實驗法居多。而從資料收集方式來看,以問卷與混合為最多。再就資料分析方法而言,以使用質性資料分析法最多,量化研究則以單變項變異數分析與t-test較多。再者,以科技應用種類來看,則以多媒體PC 與網路佔最大比例。
A content analysis was conducted to analyze articles published in the Instructional Technology & Media between 1992 and 2012. Seven topics were selected for the analysis including author and affiliation, type of article, theme of the article, research method, data collection, data analysis, and technology used. Then we used the publication year as the key to analyze the development and trend of the field of educational technology in Taiwan. The results showed that the articles published in 1992-2001 were more practical oriented, whereas the articles published in 2002-2012 were more research oriented. Also, the most popular topics were web-based learning and ICT integrating into instruction. Among them, the higher proportion of studies applied survey and experimental research method. The questionnaires and mixed methods were used mostly for data collection. For the data analysis, qualitative data analysis, ANOVA, and t-test were used mostly. Finally, the largest proportions of the type of technology mentioned in these articles were multimedia PCs and network.
ISSN: 1019-6943
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_A0111_01_010
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