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Title: 偏遠地區國民中小學教育資料建置與教育生態分析研究
Database Development for the Ed-Ecology Analysis of the Rural Schools in Taiwan
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2011
Abstract: 本計畫立基於對教育機會均等(輸入、過程及輸出)議題的關懷,特別針對全國偏遠地區之國民中、小學,進行學校教育條件、學校教育投資、學生教育機會與學生學習成果等相關資料的蒐集與整合,藉以建置偏遠地區中小學教育資料庫,並且運用GIS之分析功能,呈現偏遠學校教育生態相關議題,以促進後續相關研究的推展,有效促進偏遠地區教育機會與教育品質的提升。研究目的包括: (一)瞭解偏遠地區國民中小學學校教育條件與教育投資。 (二)瞭解偏遠地區國民中小學學生學習機會與學習成效。 (三)瞭解各縣市偏遠地區國民中小學學校教育生態及其教育需求。 (四)建置台灣偏遠地區國民中小學教育資料庫,促進後續相關議題的研究。 (五)運用GIS的套疊分析與地理空間圖示,提供偏遠地區教育問題(需求)的客觀評估,以提出相關教育政策修訂之建言。 本計畫分為兩年來進行,第一年重點在整合全省偏遠地區國民中小學學校教育基本資料、建構重要議題的分析架構及資料庫的資料輸入平台系統,並且發展問卷,供第二年全省偏遠地區中小學調查資料與分析之用。而第二年的研究重點則將針對全省偏遠地區國民中小學進行問卷調查、資料補登、檢核與分析,以期全面瞭解台灣偏遠地區國民中小學教育生態,調查分析結果,將可作為後續研究與評估政策成效的參照依據。
Concerning about the issues of the inequality of educational opportunity (in terms of input, process, and outcome) at rural schools, the aim of this study is to establish educational database for the educational ecology analysis of rural education in Taiwan. Rural school data, including basic institutional data, student composition, educational investment, learning opportunity, and learning outcome, will be collected, merged, and analyzed through Geographic Information System (GIS) to illustrate the “geography of opportunity” in rural areas. With the hope that the data construction and analysis of this study may contribute to future study of education for the disadvantaged and to the improvement of related educational policies and practices, the purposes of this study include: (1) to understand the accesses to resources and educational investment at rural schools, (2) to understand the learning opportunities and learning outcome of students at rural schools, (3) to understand the educational ecology and pedagogical needs or rural schools, (4) to develop and maintain the database of rural schools for the future longitudinal follow-up studies of the related issues, (5) to apply GIS analysis techniques to holistically illustrate the geographic and structural issues of rural education in Taiwan and to provide suggestions for related policy making. Since it’s a large scale survey and database building, this project is a two-year study design. The primary foci of the first year are to collect and integrate basic school data, to construct framework for analysis and structure for data input, and to develop educational opportunity questionnaire. In the second year, the questionnaire survey and field visits will be conducted nation-wide, the database of rural schools will be established and GIS techniques will be applied for the analysis and illustration of educational ecology of rural schools in Taiwan.
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