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Title: 教師的課程意識與教學實踐
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2003
Publisher:  國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Abstract: 教師是課程改革成敗的關鍵因素。本文特別從教師的課程意識與教學實踐的角度,來重新省思教師在課程改革與教學革新中的主體性角色,藉之激發教師的課程批判意識,促進教師在教學實踐上的更新與突破。本文首先透過課程領域相關研究文獻的分析,來探討教師在課程發展與改革中的角色定位;接著從批判教育學與解放教育的觀點,來架構教師課程意識的內涵,並且從教師對專業知識的覺知、對自我的覺知,及對環境的覺知三方面,來討論課程意識所涉入的實務覺知;然後延展教師信念以及教師發展的敘事研究論述,從課程意識主導課程的教學轉化、教學實踐激發潛在的課程潛力,及課程批判意識促成課程與教學的改進三個層面,來解析教師課程意識與教學實踐的互惠關係;最後,則提出有效提升教師批判課程意識的途徑,包括教師個人的哲學思維、教師與他人的對話行動,及教師公開分享實務生活經驗。
Teachers are the key to a successful curriculum reform. In order to encourage teachers’ critical curricular consciousness for renewed, innovative pedagogical practice, this article attempts to reflectively highlight the teacher’s autonomous role in curriculum reform and instructional innovation from the aspect of linking teachers’ curricular awareness with pedagogical praxis. Firstly, the author reexamines the teacher’s role in curriculum development and reform based on a review of the literature in curriculum field. Secondly, building upon the perspectives of critical pedagogy and liberating education, the author constructs the meaning of teachers’ curricular consciousness and its practical knowledge base through the exploration of teachers’ awareness of professional knowledge, awareness of self, and awareness of environment. Thirdly, in order to lay out the reciprocal relationship between teachers’ curricular consciousness and their pedagogical praxis, the author makes her analysis from three practical aspects, which are: (1) curricular consciousness directs pedagogical transformation; (2) pedagogical praxis provokes potential curricular consciousness; and (3) critical curricular consciousness enhances the improvement of curricular and pedagogical practices. Finally, the author provides suggestions for raising teachers’ curricular consciousness through three approaches, namely encouraging teachers “to do” philosophy, encouraging teachers to have dialogues with others, and encouraging teachers to share their personal life story/experience or practical knowledge with others.
ISSN: 1028-8708
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