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Title: 學校本位課程發展相關問題及其相應措施之研究
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Apr-2002
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學
Abstract: 因應當前教育改革方向與九年一貫課程革新計劃的推動,各校成立課程發展委員會及規劃小組,積極實踐學校本位的課程自主理想,已成為當前學校革新計劃中,不可忽視的重要使命。基於此,本研究以為期兩年的時間(08/01/1999~07/31/2001),深入探究學校革新中課程發展的相關問題及其相應措施,藉以提供各中小學實施學校本位課程發展之參考。第一年研究重點在瞭解國內九年一貫試辦學校實施學校本位課程發展的客觀條件與預備度,第二年研究則根據第一年的研究結果與發現,進一步採質的研究方法,深入追蹤探討試辦學校課程發展委員會或規劃小組的運作方式,實際探索課程發展委員會或規劃小組的功能、課程發展策略、成效與限制。本文則為第二年的研究成果報告,主要是針對臺北地區九年一貫試辦學校第二年學校課程發展相關問題及因應措施,提出研究分析結果和相關建議。就學校課程發展相關問題方面,本文歸納出教師態度與知能、行政支援與責任分擔、課程發展委員會運作機制、學校生態文化、政策誤解與誤導、課程設計與實施、課程評鑑、及升學壓力等七個層面的因素;而就學校推動課程發展策略方面,本文則以(一)發揮行政課程領導帶動教師課程領道導、(二)提供機會鼓勵教師專業成長建立教師專業自信、(三)強化課程發展委員會功能促進學校整體規劃與實施等三方面來討論之。
To cope with the current educational reform and the implementation of Curriculum Guidelines for Compulsory Education (1-9), many schools are busy with forming curriculum committee to carry out the ideal of the professional autonomy in school-based curriculum development. Therefore this study was designed to conduct a two-year in-depth study (8/1/1999~7/31/2001) to examine related issues, emergent problems, and coping strategies involved in school-based curriculum development. The major tasks for the first year was to understand the problems and promises for implementing school-based curriculum development and to investigate the prerequisite conditions for school-based curriculum development. Based on the findings of the first year, the focus of the second year was on the in-depth examination of school-based curriculum development plans, the functions of school curriculum committee, strategies for school curriculum development, and the strengths and limitations of school-based curriculum development. This paper is a partial report of the research findings for the second year of study. It reports the problems that experimental schools in Taipei area have confronted during their second year of implementing school-based curriculum development. It also suggests some coping strategies that are useful for practitioners to put into practice the ideas of school-based curriculum development.
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