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Title: 教材選擇的知識判準
Knowledge Criteria for Selecting Teaching Materials�
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2002
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Abstract: 隨著九年一貫課程的推展,教師作為教材選擇者的角色益為突顯,建立一套明晰的知識觀以作為教材選擇的知識傳授之依據的需求,勢將日漸殷切。本文的旨趣乃在運用分析哲學的研究方法,分別從意義澄清、論點證成、預設揭示及實踐驗證等四個向度,逐步剖析知識判準與教材選擇的辯證關係。首先,透過「知識」概念的哲學分析,說明知識觀念混淆,在思維及教學上可能產生的弊病,用以彰顯教學者建立知識判準的必要性;次則由知識之證成問題的探討,分析知識之性質、範圍和限制,並綜觀當代知識論建立之知識判準背後依據的是何種真理觀;最後,本文將知識判準置入教育的實踐脈絡裡,在具體的情境中考驗其作為教材選擇標準的適切性,並揭顯教材選擇過程中可能潛存的知識預設,以此反省建構理想教材時應行考量的知識觀。本文發現,教育價值不等於知識價值,教材或學科的選擇也不能純以命題知識的證成判準為依據,脫離符應說的的想像世界,否定一致說的創發革進領域,以及超越「現實之用」的多元效用觀,也是作理想、周圓之課程設計時,應該斟酌參考的重點,這些向度的思考不僅在藝術課程上重要,在社會及科學課程中亦不可忽視。
As the Nine-year Coherent Compulsory Curriculum Project is put into practice, each teacher’s role as a key selector of teaching materials will be more and more evident and their need for a sound epistemological perspective in various teaching practices will become stronger as well. The purpose of this paper is to elucidate the dialectical relationship between a teacher’s epistemological perspectives and his exercises of selecting teaching materials. To serve this purpose, the author firstly conducts an analysis of concepts closely related to our general concept of knowledge to make clear the need for establishing knowledge criteria in education. Secondly, mainstream knowledge justification theories are critically reviewed to put knowledge criteria adopted by different truth theories into perspective. Lastly, the validity of using knowledge criteria as standard for selecting teaching materials is tested. One finding is that knowledge criteria based on mainstream truth theories takes propositional knowledge as the only valid form of knowledge. This pro-science stand not only reflects an incomplete reasoning, it also makes scientific progress less likely. A balanced knowledge perspective, which takes both propositional knowledge and imaginative thinking into consideration, is what is recommended for the teachers’ task of selecting the most appropriate teaching materials.
ISSN: 1028-8708
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