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Title: 我國高等教育機構研究獎助之排名研究
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2010
Publisher:  國立政治大學教育學系與心理學系
Abstract: 幾個世紀以來,大學肩負著教學與研究二項主要任務,教學是傳遞知識及培植人才之主要媒介,創造知識則有賴於研究。但無論是創造知識或傳遞知識均與研究緊密關聯,因此研究可謂居於大學之核心。 在現今全世界的大學逐漸朝向大眾化高等教育體系之時,大學變得愈具多樣性,因而需要增加其透明度。由於在闡明高等教育機構的多樣性上,大學分類或排名是一項有用的機制,因此研究獎助排名是可欲的,也是有價值的。 職此之故,本文的目的在於分析我國高等教育機構研究獎助之排名,然後據以歸納結論並提出有關之建議。為了達成研究目的,乃運用研究收入評鑑方法和資料次級分析技術,透過國科會資料庫有關資料之分析,獲致我國164所高等教育機構之研究獎助排名。根據研究發現,本文最後提出結論性的觀點與建議。
For centuries universities have had two main missions: creating knowledge and disseminating knowledge. Research has been the main vehicle for creating knowledge and teaching has been the main vehicle for disseminating knowledge. Both rely on knowledge created by doing research, and research is thus located at the heart of universities. When universities around the world are increasingly towards a system of mass higher education today, they are becoming more diversity and therefore required for transparency. Due to the fact that a classification or ranking of higher education is a useful mechanism for describing institutional diversity of higher education, ranking research funding is desirable and valuable. The main purposes of this paper are therefore as follows: 1) To analyze the ranking of research funding for higher education institutions; 2) To draw conclusions and make suggestions concerned. The method of research income evaluation and the technique data secondary analysis were employed so as to achieve the above purposes. By the analysis of the data concerned drawn from Database, the National Science Council, the results of ranking of 164 higher education institutions in Taiwan were produced. Based on the findings, concluding remarks are made in the final part of this paper.
ISSN: 1024-9885
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