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Title: 被扭曲的他者
Other Titles: 教科書中原住民偏見的檢討
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Oct-2008
Publisher:  中華民國課程與教學學會
Abstract: 本研究的主要目的是探討學校課程教學中所潛藏的族群偏見。透過各種相關文獻的評閱,研究者分析臺灣原住民族所遭遇的扭曲和忽略。大眾媒體應扮演促進社會正義的角色,但由於權力關係不平等,少數民族和弱勢族群在媒體中的再現容易受到扭曲與污名化。在歐美國家及臺灣地區,原住民在媒體報導中都常受到不公平的對待。主流媒體對於原住民族經常具有偏見,相關報導比較傾向揭露其特有之問題,或刻意忽略、強化刻板印象。從課程政治的觀點而言,課程教學隱藏社會權威,教科書內容的選擇也被社會權威所支配。教科書對於原住民的描述,大多具有刻板印象,或是零碎而不完整,甚至是資訊錯誤。由於中小學教師大多缺乏多元文化素養,因此可能容易因為文化遲鈍而加深學生對原住民的負面印象。未來學校教師應檢討教科書和課程中所隱藏的族群偏見,實施多元文化教育,以協助學生發展健全的族群關係。原住民族則應該積極書寫自己的文化與歷史,建立主體性,在媒體中展現豐富且有尊嚴的文化。
The purpose of this research is to explore the ethnic prejudice embedded in Taiwan's school curriculum and instruction. By reviewing literature, the researcher analyzes the distortions and slights that Taiwanese aborigines have suffered. Ideally, the mass media should play a role in enhancing social justice. However, due to unequal balance of power, ethnic minorities and disadvantaged groups are easily misrepresented and stigmatized. In both Taiwan and Western countries, aboriginal people frequently receive unfair treatment in the media. The mainstream media is often prejudiced against aboriginal groups through insufficient coverage of their unique problems, neglecting them intentionally, or reinforcing stereotypes. From the viewpoint of curriculum politics, schools tend to hide the social authorities in their courses, and the selection of course contents are also dominated by the social authorities. This is why the descriptions of aboriginal people in textbooks are mostly based on stereotypes, sometimes in fragmented and isolated pieces, or even misinformed. Because most teachers in public schools lack knowledge of multicultural issues, their cultural insensitivity can easily increase students’ negative impressions of aboriginal people. Therefore, it is urged that teachers should critically examine the ethnic biases hidden in their textbooks and courses, put multicultural education into practice, and then help students develop healthy relationships with other ethnic groups. In addition, aboriginal people should be more active in writing about their own culture and history, establishing their ethnic autonomy, and displaying their abundant and respectful culture in the mass media.
ISSN: 1560-1277
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