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Title: 從後現代學校行政倫理觀點探索管理智慧
Other Titles: 以一所國民中學為例
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2009
Publisher:  國立教育資料館
Abstract: 本文旨在透過後現代學校行政倫理觀點,來探索管理智慧,以為學校行政開啟新的視野。後現代學校行政倫理,強調對巨型理論、普遍性規範、或明確性實體的挑戰,來回應體系邊緣人的聲音,以利服務面更為完整,促進學校經營的正面效應,將有助於提升管理智慧。因此,從後現代學校行政倫理來探索管理智慧,益形重要。為達成研究目的,本研究選取一所國民中學為樣本,採用質性個案研究法,且以訪談來蒐集資料,瞭解後現代學校行政倫理的正面效果,並透過訪談結果的分析,進行討論,來探索其管理智慧,據以提出結論,包括其存在於領導者與被領導者的矛盾,會驅動領導者服務個人協調人際關係及時間目標的能力與關鍵的德行,他人優先及選擇有效溝通策略的動機。
This study explores postmodern ethics in school administration and inquires regarding its managerial wisdom. Postmodern ethics in school administration emphasizes grand theory and universal norms to protect marginality and facilitate perfect services and managerial wisdom. Managerial wisdom plays a crucial role in promoting coordinated mechanisms. Postmodern ethics in school administration can also enlighten managerial wisdom to help make schools progressive. To realize the positive effects of postmodern ethics in school administration and its derived managerial wisdom, the current study chooses a junior high school as its research focus. The study uses interview approaches to collect the data as the basis of case analysis and discusses the data to reach conclusions. As a result, managerial wisdom of postmodern ethics in school administration is embedded in a paradox of leaders and subordinates. Postmodern ethics in school administration also drives leaders’ significant abilities, crucial virtues, altruistic motivations, and strategic passions.
ISSN: 1680-5526
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