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Title: 我國新移民子女學習成就現況之研究
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Feb-2006
Publisher: 國立教育資料館
Abstract: 隨著跨國婚姻的頻繁及臺灣少子化的社會趨勢,新移民子女學童人數乃隨之激增其引發的教育問題不容小覷。雖然相關研究紛紛進行,補救和措施也逐步推展,然而對於新移民子女學校教育上是否處於弱勢?哪些部分是弱勢?現有的教育該如何協助他們?其競爭力的優劣勢何在?等議題,則仍待進一步探討。有鑑於此,本研究透過文獻分析、問卷調查及統計等方法,一則掌握這些學童在義務教育階段的學習成就現況,俾為進一步提供實質協助做好準備;再則也希望能端正社會視聽,回歸教育本質,並提供政府未來施政之參考。本研究以自編之「臺灣新移民子女國民教育學習成就調查問卷」蒐集教師對這此學童學習表的觀點,並透過「臺灣新移民子女國民教育學習成績調查表」掌握新移民些學童學習表現的觀點,並透過「臺灣新移民子女國民教育學習成績調查表」掌握新移民子女在學校的學習成就,發現如下的結果:(一)在北中南東四區的六縣市中,新移民國小學童各領的學習成就大都在「甲」等,是相當不錯的表,但是各縣市和各領域之間仍存在個別差異,例如,「數學」普遍低於「健康和體育」或「綜合活動」等領域的表現;國中各領域大都落在「乙」和「丙」等,數學甚至都在 「丁」等;(二)整體言之,學業成就並無明顯進步,但各縣市不同領在逐年進步上有所不同;(三)「數學」普遍表現最低,居「丙」和「丁」等,而且從國小開始就處於低成就者居多,此狀況有每下愈況趨勢,「綜合活動」和「健康和體育」的表現相對較佳;「社會」領域的表現更明顯的逐退步;(四)教師大都認為新移民子女學習成就比我國學童差,比學生實際表現來得低。故本研究建議,此方面的研究宜結合人口結構的變,更深入的重新認識新移民子女學習的個別差異,以尋求有效的補救措施;同時,也應該從教師開始,提升批判性思考能力,並進行多元文化教育,並期盼政策上也能在課程規劃與教學設計上發揮多元文化共融的優勢,進而提升國家競爭力。
With the growth of the international marriage, the numbers of immigrant children in Taiwan have been sharply increased. These pupils studied in elementary and junior high schools in Taiwan reach to 46,411 in 2005. Their learning results and cultural identity arouse attention by only public Government but also the private institutes. Are they inferior to native pupils? Are they no strong merits? The researchers intend to pin down their issues in learning, through questionnaires for academic records and teachers’ attitude to their performances. It is shown that the immigrant children do a good job in elementary schools, whereas their achievements are going down with their school-years in secondary schools. Yet, the individual difference between pupils and between areas exists. Among all school subjects. Mathematics causes difficulty for them to learn and to make any progress which is much ferior to the natives. In contrast, their academic performance is alright in subjects particularly “Integrated Activity” and “Health and Gym”. Unfortunately, teachers take them as inferiority to the natives. In this case, teachers’ critical thinking should be developed to reflect upon their ideology and open their mind to assimilate different cultures. Further, the core difficulty for the immigrant children to pursue excellence in schools must be identified, in terms of curriculum and teaching, so that the substantial method to bridge their make-up may be approached. It is in this way, not only can the immigrant children enjoy their lives in a different culture, but also can they become an amazing human power to promote Taiwan’s competition both in culture and economics for globalization.
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