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Title: 教育部檔案保存年限區分表審核過程與教育史研究
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2005
Publisher: 檔案管理局檔案季刊社
Abstract: 本文旨在介紹「檔案法」公布後,檔案管理局及教育部如何開始進行所轄檔案的分類及訂定保存年限。文中依序說明教育部檔案之審核過程、分類方式、分類原則、年限訂定原則及審核原則,並舉例說明審核過程中訂定保存年限時所遇到的分歧。最後討論教育部檔案保存與開放,對教育研究(特別是教育史研究)的重要性。
The main purpose of this paper is to introduce the process of records classification and records schedule of the Ministry of Education since the Archives Act's being effective in 1999, which was undertaken by the Ministry of Education and the National Archives Administration. The reviewing process, the way and principles of classification, the principles of defining records schedule and the review criteria were analyzed sequentially. Some cases about records schedule were exemplified to explain diverse opinions among reviewers. Finally, the importance of the preservation and opening to the public of educational archives to the study of educational history was discussed.
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