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Title: 尋求一個安全的處所
Seeking a Safe Place
Other Titles: 受虐婦女庇護服務的理論、政策和實務應用
the Theories, Policies, and Practices Related to Refuge Services Provided for Abused Women of Domestic Violence
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學社會工作學研究所
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 當婦女遭受家庭暴力而離家,或者為人身安全的考量短暫的離開住所,讓其能有一個安全的處所可去,成為家庭暴力防治工作不可或缺的一環。台灣在庇護服務的研究實在不多,坊間有關受虐婦女庇護服務的書籍闕如。研究者有幸受到許多庇護所信賴與協助,取得相關的實證資料,並感受實務工作者對於專業服務品質提升的需求。為此,研究者擬以2005年8月起至2011年7月間的庇護服務研究為主,規畫實證性研究基礎的專書寫作,並預計於此次寫作再更新及增加相關研究資料,如空間規劃與設計等等。 本專書寫作旨在彙整台灣在家庭暴力庇護服務的本土化經驗,期能給予目前從事家庭暴力庇護服務工作者,一套由理論到實務應用的參考教材。或是作為即將投入家庭暴力庇護服務工作者,在資源規畫與設計時的參考。本專書預計有十章,分別為第一章至第二章的緒論與理論基礎篇;第三章至第四章的政策篇;再來為第五章至第九章的實務篇;以及第十章的庇護服務回顧與未來展望。
When a woman makes a temporal choice to leave her home for the sake of personal safe, it becomes an emergency to provide a safe resort for the abused woman. The researches related to refuge services for abused women of domestic violence in Taiwan are far from complete, and books dedicated to refuge services are still in great destitution. It’s a bless that the researcher in this field receives many helpful trusts and assistances from many refuges, and to a certain point, the researcher has exposed herself to practical circumstance to gather useful evidence-based information related to refuge services, thus the researcher has sensed the urgency to advance the services to a more professional scale. Consequentially, the researcher intends to devote herself in the refuge services provided for abused women of domestic violence from August of 2005 till July of 2011, and plans to advance her research based upon empirical information obtained from practical circumstances. And that leads to the increase of information related in this field, such as the schema and design of spatiality. This book wishes to offer a concrete theory and a pragmatic proposal as the referential material for refuge services. For the potential workers in the field of refuge services in the future, this book also provides a handy access to the resource-management and design-management-plan related to refuge services. There are 10 chapters in this book. The first and second chapters are basically introduction and the theories applied in this book. And the third and fourth chapters have all the necessary policies you have to know in this field. But from the fifth to the ninth chapter, this book starts to focus more upon the practical work of refuge services. Finally, at the last chapter, the book would guide the reader into meditating the course of the refuge services for abused women and all the potential prospects related to this field.
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