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Title: 文化能力的反思與實踐---以原住民社會工作者為例
Rethinking Cultural Competence in Aboriginal Social Work Practice---From Aboriginal Social Workers' Perspective
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學社會工作學研究所
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 本研究旨在從原住民社會工作者的觀點了解其對文化能力的認知與意涵,以及探 討原住民社會工者其文化能力在服務輸送的具體作為,期能整合原住民社會工作者在文 化能力的觀點,提供原住民社會工作實務之參考。根據研究目的所延伸之研究問題有原 住民社會工作者認為自身文化能力為何?原住民社會工作者自身如何學習文化能力? 原住民社會工作者認為從事原住民社會工作應發展的文化能力為何?原住民社會工作 者認為自身的文化能力如何展現於其工作中?原住民社會工作者認為如何落實文化能 力於服務輸送? 本研究採取質化研究並以焦點團體作為研究資料收集方法,研究對象以具原住民 身分之原住民社會工作者為主。擬進行兩階段的焦點團體,預計邀請四十人左右,於分 北中南東各進行四場。第一階段是以原住民社會工作者的觀點,確認其所謂的文化能力 涵蓋的具體內涵。第二階段是以第一階段的焦點團體為基礎,探討文化能力在原住民社 會工作的實踐。
Rethinking cultural competence in aboriginal social work practice, it is vital to understand what the aboriginal social workers’perspective of cultural competence and what sense they made of it. In respect of aboriginal social workers awareness to have worked in situation where they have worked in the tribes, the study will address a number of research questions: what do social workers make sense of cultural competence in the practice? Where have they known about the cultural competence? What help strategies do they consider would meet their work? How do social workers consider it could be improved in the field of aboriginal social work practice? The study will propose appropriate strategies to suggest aboriginal social work practice implications for relevant services responses to cultural competence. The research will be based on a qualitative method. There will be two stages of data collection by detailed discussions with several focus groups of social workers. The subjects will be from different parts of Taiwan who identify themselves as a aboriginal social workers.
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