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Title: 各國對於侵入經濟海域從事水產動植物採捕行為之處罰分析研究
An Analytical Study on the Punishment of Activities of Intruding into EEZ and Conducting Catching and Harvesting Aquatic Organisms
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學政治學研究所
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 本研究計畫之目標係在於企圖達到:<BR>一、 蒐集對於我國遠洋漁業發展具有重要性指標國家的經濟海域相關規範,並加以整理和分析,理解其法律規範的主張與內涵,以及明瞭國際社會在經濟海域規範上的發展趨勢;<BR>二、 瞭解前述國家對於侵入其經濟海域所為之處罰的規定和被處罰人申請救濟之程序;<BR>三、 檢討我國相關的法令,思考若有外國漁船侵入我國經濟海域採捕水產動植物之行為發生時,我國在相關法律制度上應有何種之規範,並能提出建議;<BR>四、 我國漁船如遭控違反他國法令或國際規範時我國漁政單位可採行應用之相關管理法規研析。<BR>研究架構如下:<BR>一、 資料蒐集與整理<BR>二、 資料內容分析與判讀<BR>三、 案例研究<BR>四、 檢討我國法令<BR>五、 我國漁船遭受指控時之反應<BR>六、 結論與建議<BR>本計畫為一「質性」之研究,法律規章之蒐集與整理難以量化方式呈現,但是透過本計畫之執行與研究成果之完成,預期可以達到之效益可以分析為以下各點:<BR>一、 掌握國際社會中各沿海國對於經濟海域漁業資源保育措施之發展趨勢,提供我國漁政單位未來決策之依據;<BR>二、 提供我國業者瞭解他國經濟海域漁業資源管理規範之內涵,以減少未來涉入國際漁業紛爭的可能性;<BR>三、 若我國業者遭指控進入他國經濟海域因而引發爭議情勢,本研究成果可以提供法規資訊以及適當之協助;<BR>四、 提供我國未來在建制或修改相關法規時之建議。
It is a well accepted concept that the coastal state could exercise its sovereign rights over resources, either living or non-living, within its exclusive economic zone. In terms of the development of international fisheries, Taiwan plays a role with two-folded meanings: one is that it is one of the important distant water fishing nations; the other is that it is also a coastal state located in the west side of the Pacific Ocean. Due to the former situation, it is quite often for Taiwan to counter problems that Taiwan has been accused of conducting illegal fishing activities. The purposes of this research are the followings: to understand the EEZ regulations of certain countries; to provide Taiwanese fishermen with appropriate information about the development of the international fisheries law; to furnish decision makers with sufficient information and suggestions.
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