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Title: 以合作學習模式為基礎之光機電整合科技教學系統研究與發展
Research and Development of Cooperative-Learning Model Based Educational Systems for Opto-Mechatronic Technology
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學機電工程學系
Issue Date: 18-Aug-2005
Abstract: 光電科技是21 世紀的重點科技之一,對於學術研究與跨領域之產業技術發展(例如光電與機電科技結合,稱為光機電科技)均具有廣闊且深遠之影響。隨著國內人口初生率的逐年降低、跨領域系統科技師資養成不易、以及現今大學教授普遍認為大學生比十年前素質差等問題,光機電科技人才培育實在是教育上的難題。有鑑於此,我們提出此計畫並預計將此研究成果推廣,來達到國內科技教育達到向下紮根、向上提升之目的。在本計畫中,我們以合作學習方法為教學主軸,並且以現有光學、光機、光電、機電(含資電)知識庫為基礎,以啟發、聯想、與建構的方式,來進行以合作學習模式之光機電整合科技教學,以期使有心學習的學員透過合作學習模式,建立信心、成就感、與工程專業能力。本計畫執行步驟如下: (1) 以現有的知識庫提供學生的預習與觀摩之機會。 (2) 老師以基本學理教導學生並且說明進階應用的範圍,也藉由課程設計作業、專題將學生分組,使學生能藉由作業、階段性專題來進行合作學習,而非獨立學習孤軍奮戰。 (3) 透過合作學習、實驗與同學相互討論產生興趣,來學習理論與實作知識,提升整體學習效率。 (4) 以現有小型專題來進行具有大規模專題,建立專題知識庫,推廣研究成果。為達到本計畫之目的,其中的過程包括,公正客觀之學習評量,發掘與培育學習成效較佳的學員(學長或種子學員)、教材(含電腦輔助教學或數位學習教材)的編制、關鍵零組件的購入、以及設計與測試之模組的建立等工作。我們深信在國科會與各界專家學者的支持下,以現有的教育方法與工程專業知識為基礎,必定能夠順利完成此計畫,來對國內科技教育、學術研究與產業發展盡最大的心力。
Optoelectronics has been regarded as one of the most important technologies in 21th century. Specifically it has made great benefits on the related academic research and industrial development. Obviously, teaching and promoting opto-mechatronic technologies is very urgent. To deal with this difficulty, we propose an opto-mechatronics educational system based on a project-based, cooperative, and interactive (PCI) approach. The proposed learning activity is conducted to let students cooperate with each other and consequently to achieve high-efficiency learning. Besides, anonymous questionnaire can help us to evaluate the effectiveness of the learning approach. The results of the questionnaire indicate that the opinions from most of the students are almost positive. It is worthy to mention that through this approach, most of them felt this approach helped them take responsibility for their own learning and believed the system would be relevant to their future. Therefore, it is believed that this development of the educational system will successfully make our best efforts on the academic research and industrial development in Taiwan.
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