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Title: 高職機械科產業導向專題製作能力項目與課程內涵之建構
Authors: 陳清檳
Ching-Pin Chen
Wen-Tsung Chang
Yu-Lin Hsiao
Jen-Sheng Yang
Issue Date: Mar-2013
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Abstract: 現今專題製作課程教學,過於重視教科書內容授課,但產業要的不只是專業知識,還要有實作技術與能力,此外還需具備創新與問題解決能力的學生。故本研究目的著重於發展產業導向的專題製作能力項目與課程內涵,期望提供高職機械科教師教授專題製作課程之參考,使學校授課內容與產業接軌。因此,本研究首先通過文獻探討建構研究理論基礎,並進行專家訪談以修改、編製德懷術問卷初稿後,透過專家審畫確立德懷術問卷,再選取六位高職機械科教師、四位大專院校學者及六位企業界代表進行三次德懷術專家問卷調查,以建構機械科產業導向專題製作能力項目與課程內涵。研究結果獲得8 大能力項目、25個知識單元與128個知識細目。
Present Project Practice instructions focus too much on the contents in textbooks. Nevertheless,students with professional knowledge, practical skills and capabilities, innovation, and problemsolving ability are what industries require. For this reason, this study aims to develop industryoriented Capstone Project capabilities and curriculum contents expecting to provide references of Capstone Project for instructors in Department of Mechanical Engineering so as to connectcurriculum contents with industries. With literature review to establish the research theories, expert interviews are preceded for revising the draft of Delphi questionnaire, which is further inspected and confirmed by the experts. Six instructors in Department of Mechanical Engineering, four college researchers, and six representatives in industries are proceeded Delphi questionnaire survey for three times. With statistical analyses, the industry-oriented Capstone Project capabilities and curriculum contents are established for Department of Mechanical Engineering, in which eight capabilities, 25 knowledge units, and 128 knowledge items are concluded.
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