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Title: 網路時代技職院校數位出版專業實務課程發展與驗證之研究
On Developing and Evaluating the Digital Publishing Industry Oriented Professional Practiced-Based Curriculum under the Internet Age
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學圖文傳播學系
Issue Date: 20-Dec-2010
Abstract: 數位出版已成為下一波出版的主流趨勢,出版人才的培育也必須配合產業轉型, 以加速出版產業之數位化,而數位出版品的設計,仍需保留原平面出版品的設計質感, 再加上科技服務的優勢,才能增加產品的價值,因此有策略、有系統的為數位出版產 業培育具專業能力之未來之生力軍已是刻不容緩之務。 而科技校院學生將是未來數位出版產業的中堅份子,科技校院也開始新設許多數 位出版相關課程,在各界對數位出版人才之培育日益重視之際,本計畫透過了解數位 出版業者對人力之需求,期望能發展出符合數位出版產業需求之專業實務課程,以縮 短學校與業界二者供需之間的差異。 因此本研究將利用研究者於九十八年所發展出之「數位出版專業能力指標」 (NSC98-2511-S-003-035)為基礎,進行第二階段之後續研究,本研究第一年將利用 焦點團體訪談及實地觀察法,探討目前所開設之數位出版課程其學生學習現況,做為 發展數位出版專業實務課程之參考;課程之發展將採用DACUM 專家會議之方式進行, 並參考教學系統設計(Instructional System Design)中之ADDIE(Analysis, Design, Development, Implement and Evaluation)模式步驟;再透過Delphi 法發展出本課程 之評量工具。 本研究第二年將透過準實驗研究法,以科技校院學生為實驗對象,進行課程教學 實驗,以及學習成效之評估,並於最後提出對數位出版產業人才培育之建議,以作為 未來數位出版產業人才實務能力培養之參考。
Digital publishing has become the next main trend in publishing industry. The cultivation of publishing human resource needs to match the transformation of the industry as well in order to accelerate the digitization of publishing industry. In order to add its value, the design of digital publication needs to remain the traditional publication’s characteristics. Therefore, to cultivate new blood with digital design competencies for digital publishing industry has an immediate demand in the future. The personnel training in digital publishing industry needs to be developed strategically and systematically. The college level students are the future main force in publishing industry. In the meanwhile, when the importance of the training of the digital content design professions are gaining awareness in many aspects, this research will investigate the need of digital competencies and develop professional digital design curriculum to satisfy digital publishing industry and close the gap between schools and industries. Thus, this research will begin its second stage of continuous research based on the researcher's "The Indicators for Professional Competence of Digital Publication" (NSC98-2511-S-003-035) completed in 2009. In the first year, the focus group sessions and observation method will be conducted to investigate the learning status quo of the digital publishing program currently. The ADDIE steps of ISD model will be consulted to develop professional digital practicum curriculum for digital publishing industry with a DACUM expert meeting. Furthermore, a Delphi method will be used to evaluate the developed curriculum. In the second year, a quasi-experiment research method will be used to experiment on college level students with the developed curriculum and evaluated learning efficiency. Finally, a thorough suggestion of digital publishing student cultivation will be established. The result of this research will be shared with the digital publishing industry.
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